What Will Give Your Child the Leading Edge?

399825_505369622862489_1783844198_nDo ever wonder if what you’re doing in your homeschool has what it takes to help your children get into a top notch college? Even if you’re not interested in college or maybe your kids are young, you still want to make sure they have a well rounded education.

Recently I took a trip to College Station, Texas where my daughter’s Vet Science 4-H Club attended the Texas A&M University’s 20th Annual Vet School Open House as my daughter is working through the five year 4H Vet Science program sponsored by Texas A&M.

There were so many things to do including tour the small animal clinic, tour the large animal clinic, hands on animal procedures including ultra sounds, radiology, pathology, fistulated cow, and so much more. There were so many things we’ll have to go back next year to see what we missed. It was easy to see why Texas A&M is the country’s top veterinarian school.

Whether your children are interested in vet science or any other higher learning, what I’m about to share with you will benefit all families. And I’ll wrap up this article with Inspired Actions you can implement in your homeschool.

As I sat through several educational lectures I wanted to enroll myself! The feeling got even stronger as I met with the admissions board, Drs. Easterwood, Hoffman, Rogers and Clubb. What really impressed me was the genuine interest they displayed for student success. They said, “Once accepted, you’re in the family and we want you to succeed.” (No, I didn’t enroll but it reminded me of the path I could have been on during my high school interest in Oceanography. Obviously I wasn’t meant to do that.)

This is a tight knit school who received 500 applications last year for 132 positions. It’s a very “Texas” school, only accepting 10 out-of-state residents per year, so they’re admissions process is multiple part and demands excellence. But don’t let that keep you away because what I really want to share with you are tips regarding the types of requirements a top level school looks for. (If your children are interested in animal related careers, download the PDF of my notes taken that day. See the link at the end of this article.) Whether your children are interested in college or not, these tips will set them apart and give them the advantage.

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The college interview is based on the following:

  • Ethical reasoning
  • Critical thinking
  • Communication
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Leadership
  • Maturity

Do you see how each of these topics, when mastered in your homeschool will give your children the leading edge in everything they do?

There was a strong recommendation to focus on leadership. They listed being an active leader in the community, in 4H programs, in Homeschool Co-ops, and volunteer positions according to age and ability. When they can show leadership skills, they can lead themselves in high level work.

It’s never too early to be building skill in these different topics within your child’s highest values and special interests. In all they do, they’re building what they need in order to fulfill their purpose. You’re always on point, even when it doesn’t feel like it. When you can see that, you can make a real difference in guiding their education.

Parents Inspired Action:

Observe opportunities to nurture your child’s skills in ethical reasoning, critical thinking, communication, compassion, empathy, leadership and growing in maturity. If you’re unsure and would like more clarity in this area, see my next education post coming next week: How to Give Your Child the Leading Edge.

DOWNLOAD PDF: My notes from meeting with the admissions board at Texas A&M University. TexasAM2013AdmissionNotes

Have you incorporated leadership into your homeschool? Please share your thoughts on this by leaving a comment below.

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