Instead of Goals, Make a Commitment

This morning as I read my perpetual daily calendar on living inspired it read:

“Instead of goals, make the commitment to live joyfully in the moment. Stop dreaming about the future and get back to the only thing you have now. Decide to live fully in the present.”

This is a bit challenging for me because I’m a visionary, a dreamer and am often looking to the future. I’m a mom, always looking ahead for my children and staying a step ahead in my day.

I have my plan and my goals for the next six months on my calendar already. But does this keep me from living in the present? It could if that’s all I focus on and am living in this moment for some future fulfillment, not fully present in the now. It could if I was single minded in getting to the goal no matter what, pressing my way through life to get to my goal with disregard for others as well as how I look at those unexpected turns in the road that show up to benefit me. What I have learned by studying the highly successful as well as spiritual practices of being present, is how to come to a nice balance between the two and be committed.

I took time to work on my goals and think about what I will have wanted to have accomplished this year because my time to make a difference is finite even though I know that I’m always right on time and in everything I do I am growing and making a difference. Trust me, this is not about being double minded but rather on purpose and inspired. So I have gone through my process of determining my highest values, linking all that I do to my life purpose and setting up a rhythm that honors me fulfilling my life purpose while living present today, in this moment.

Here are a few tips to help you find a balance between being present and accomplishing your intentions:

  • Continually use your top five highest values as a guide in all that you do as you fulfill your life purpose.
  • Align all that you do with your top five highest values to be more in the flow and dissolve stress, seeing fully how it’s all contributing to your life purpose.
  • If you have a goal you intend to reach align it with your highest values and make a commitment to infuse it in your everyday living.
  • Only keep one to three goals at a time so you can focus and accomplish them while living inspired rather than pressed and always running at break neck speed.
  • Create a family rhythm instead of a strict schedule, allowing for inspiration to flow and space for being present in the moment.
  • Set up what you need to do to accomplish in your goals as every day habits or way of living rather than checklists and jobs to do.
  • Slow down to the speed of life so you can hear the whispers of inspiration guiding you and then take inspired action.
  • Take time to be the observer as you go through your day and redirect yourself when you notice you’re drifting away from the present moment.
  • Understand that your commitment is being fulfilled even when you’re playing, resting, eating, cooking, sleeping and being with the ones you love.  You’ll return to your great work inspired, energized and with new ideas.


I could never ask anyone not to dream for this is what carries us forward into our greatness and for the dreamer it’s where you go to create. Really, it’s all about having a careful balance so you can aspire to your dreams while being fully present in the now. It’s what our humanness is all about. Be extremely grateful for everyone in your presence, what you have now and all that is showing up for you, no matter how big or how small. It all counts and is an overflow of love for your highest good.

I am grateful for you taking this moment here with me. May you find that peaceful place where love can flow and everyone can grow.

Let’s support each other! It’s time for you to set yourself up for living in the present moment. What’s your favorite way to bring presence into your day?

Please share by leaving a comment below on my blog. Sometimes we have days when we just need to know we’re supported and not hanging out on a limb.

Thank you for sharing this path and leaving your comments  to engage and share the inspiration.

Peace and love,


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  1. Hi Donna-

    I really like your blog…great information! To answer your question, my favorite way to bring presence into my day is with exercise. I have to be focused on the way I’m moving my body or else I’ll hurt myself and that would not be a good thing. Also with daily mediation, usually first thing in the morning, but sometimes my mind wonders so I’ll stick with my first point which is exercise :-)


    • Thanks for sharing Golda! That’s one of the greatest ways to bring presence to the day, by exercising. It’s the way I begin my day too. Stay inspired!

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