Benefits of Personal Development for Moms

FamilySpring2001Do you have your personal development plan in place? Are you continuing to learn and grow in the areas of your life you need guidance ? As moms we’re continually growing and changing as we raise our children, take care of our families and work. It doesn’t matter whether your work is outside of the home, you work from home or home is your focus, I’ve done all of these scenarios and they all entail great amounts of work and responsibility.

Are you ready for the challenges that show up? Years ago I went with the flow, buried so deeply in the necessities of every day there wasn’t much time for planning ahead. It quickly caught up to me in the form of chaos, results of bad decisions and not facing problems as they arose. As I had more children I took more time for my own study and personal development. Through study, hard work and trial and error I learned how to apply the lessons from the most successful to my mothering, my relationships, household and work. (Picture from Spring 2001, little did we know two more children were still to be born.)

My first child was born in 1990 and throughout the years I was always pregnant, nursing a little one and usually potty training another, with a total of six children, until my last child was born in 2007. Because I continually worked on my own personal development, as I had more children and the work load increased I found myself:

  • relating better to those I love, able to give them the space they need while still feeling closer than ever
  • being a better and more patient mom releasing the need to always control my children enabling them to become more self-disciplined
  • becoming healthier and more energetic in my 40’s than I was in my late 20’s
  • more productive doing what really matters and seeing better and faster results
  • managing my household in a way so it stays clean on a steady basis and I’m no longer buried under mountains of laundry (I cracked the code on simplifying this!)


Don’t wait until your children are grown to master your every day. They are learning by observing you. What’s the message you’re conveying to them? Stress? Overwork? Overwhelm?

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Don’t you want your children to learn life mastery and have the feeling they can’t wait for the day they get to have their own family? These are the best years that really count as we’re raising our families and creating the firm foundation our legacy will stand upon.

Mom Inspired to Action:

Take time now to evaluate your current life mastery. What areas do you need to focus on? Choose what you will begin mastering first and get started today. Decide on what you will study, implement and master this week and then re-evaluate next weekend for your next steps.

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