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We teach our children to study and learn because we know that in order to be well educated and succeed you must continually learn and grow. This doesn’t stop when you become a mom, in fact the need to study suddenly increases in speed and necessity. If we’re in a profession we need to continue our learning to remain expertise, as a parent it’s important we learn how to better relate and communicate and as a person it’s important to become a better leader of ourselves with personal development.

We have a lot of information available to us, at our very fingertips through the Internet, downloadable books that are delivered in an instant as well as tele-seminars and webinars.  I am a constant student so I love this availability which has allowed me over the years to attend a lot of seminars from the comfort of my home in addition to trainings I traveled to. After going to a lot of trainings and increasing my learning I keep specific practices in place to make sure I benefit from the training, soak in the information and use it to the point of results.

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When you read something that changes your life, it’s time to connect with that author and learn at even greater levels. @DonnaVail

Here are the three ways you can get the most out of what you’re learning no matter your field of interest.

  1. Read, read and read more. Make sure you are continually reading. If there is a particular topic of interest then seek out the highest ranking expert in that field you can find to read up on his or her teachings. Part of the reading practice includes the activity of highlighting and taking notes. Always keep a journal or notebook where you are making notes of what you’re learning, what you want to remember and what you want to implement. There are some books on particular teachings that I want to bring into my daily habits so I read those books 2, 3, and even four times. Don’t be afraid to highlight and write in your books. They are meant to be well used and learned from.
  2. Review and Implement what you’ve captured in your journal. Whether you’ve gone to a live seminar, do the learning from home or make notes from a book you’re reading; make time to go back through your notes, highlight what you want to implement, expand by rewriting or adding to these notes and create your own implementation plan for your unique situation. As soon as you learn it choose one specific thing to implement immediately. As you do also share this with others close to you, teaching them how this has helped you. As you teach you learn to even greater levels.
  3. Get to the guru. When you read something that changes your life, it’s time to connect with that author and learn at even greater levels. Authors, leaders, trainers are always glad to answer questions and help you as you are learning their teachings and processes. If you have access to live seminars, phone trainings, VIP programs or any kind of one-on-one coaching it’s important that you take the opportunity. This is where you will see the greatest results and get the most customized training straight from the expert themselves.


It’s extremely beneficial to have access to an author, leader or trainer not only at a live event but also after you go home and are working at applying the learning. If you can get on with someone who offers a lot of content with hands on expert help, apply what you learn you will see a dramatic transformation in the area you desire to improve.  I am where I am today because of the authors and trainers who believed in me, taught me and guided me to greater learning and living.

Mom Inspired to Action:

  • If you haven’t been increasing your learning it’s time to get a book study or join a training program. Stay at home moms and working moms all deserve to learn to their highest levels. Start your learning journal and continually implement what you’re learning, adjusting and making it work for you and your specific needs.


Let’s support each other Moms! It’s time for you to take time for your own learning. What has been the most important book or learning that you’ve benefited from?

Please share by leaving a comment below on my blog. Sometimes we have days when we just need to know we’re supported and not hanging out on a limb.

Thank you for sharing this path and leaving your comments  to engage and inspire other mothers.

Peace and love,


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