4 Steps to Academic Achievement Series

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by what you think your child should be learning? There’s so much to cover, how do you fit it all in? The common response goes like this:  “if I had more time I could get more done.”  But you don’t really need more time because it just goes on and on and on. What you do need is a strategy to organize and implement that works.

Successful people have the time they need because they implement strategies. They work hard and play hard, get their work done so they can be with those they love.

There’s no rule that says you have to get it all done before you have fun. As homeschool moms it’s easy feel as if we’re on duty 24/7, don’t have a life or allow ourselves to express our own purpose.

In fact when we do this we set ourselves and our children up for failure. The first sign is stress and struggle between you and your children. There does come a time in every homeschool where the honeymoon is over and a strategy is the answer.

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There’s no unlearning or retraining when living success habits as a family. @DonnaVail


Practicing success habits in your home and homeschool will produce daily benefits that will assist you and your children going forward into the future. Success principles will be engraved. There will be no unlearning or re-training. You and your children will be empowered.

Now let’s back down from the future to today and focus on implementing 2 practical steps to academic achievement. These steps, when applied consistently will allow you to get more done and have more time.

    1. Set clean and specific goals. These are goals for academics, projects, and social endeavors. Make sure these are aligned with the students’ highest values. This includes linking core subjects to these values.
    2. Write five rules you set for yourself that you need to accomplish to feel successful. The rules must be realistic and measurable. These can include parameters you set for yourself to achieve a certain level. A meeting with a mentor weekly to ensure you’re moving forward and accessing opportunities that are relevant. You could set rules to not do certain tasks until a specific amount of work is complete. Successful people always set rules to meet their goals paving the way for specific freedoms.


When you apply these steps to your homeschool, your work and your life you create greater success in all areas. Now you’re free from the chains of feeling like you’re not covering it all, because the clarity you’ve created means you now know you’re covering everything that needs to be covered. I encourage you to start implementing these steps and next week I will share the next two steps.

Parents Inspired to Action: 

  • With each of your children’s highest values in mind write academic goals for each unique to their needs. Then in your mentor meeting discuss the goals that need to be met and how they can be met.


Children Inspired to Action:

  • Write your own five rules for yourself to know when you’ve been successful. Set yourself up to be able to say “Yes, I’ve got this.”


I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment sharing one new step you’re going to take today towards academic achievement and all over success, inspired parents share the inspiration.


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