Get Smart, Put the Brakes on Busy

Let’s face it moms… we’re busy and life seems to getting busier by the day. There’s absolutely no way we can get it all done. What if something falls through the cracks and we don’t catch it? Who’s going to get it done if we don’t? But that’s just part of the problem. The source of most of our stress comes from placing unrealistic expectations on ourselves, which impact our happiness, wellbeing and relationships.

You say you want to be productive, but getting it all done is not productive. Getting it all done is an unrealistic expectation we use to inflict self-defeating guilt on ourselves over and over again. It doesn’t matter what schedule or system you have in place, unless you use it and respect it. When you respect the system or schedule, at the same time you’re respecting yourself and others.

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Getting it all done on your own is not productive, it’s an unrealistic expectation. @DonnaVail

Today I’m sharing with you one big giant get-smart-tip so you can put the brakes on busy and get to living the life you want to live. If you apply this one strategy to your every day you’ll get more done, gain clarity on your priorities and the life you truly want to live will begin showing up.

So here it is… put no more than three things on your to-do list. Ah, I know you’ve heard this one right but my big question to you is, “are you practicing it?” When my day starts spinning out of control it’s because this one simple practice has been neglected. It’s because I’ve got a mental list that’s miles and miles long and then I write down everything sometimes over and over. Sounds crazy and feels even crazier. So test it. Next time you’re spinning, check in with yourself and ask is your to-do list only three things today? (And don’t try to hide other secret to-do lists on the side.)

Plan your day so your biggest most important task is at the top of the list. Then prioritize and chunk it down, lightening the task as you move towards the third task. Take time the night before to ensure you have no more than three things on your list for tomorrow and stick to it.

Now let’s be realistic. If you finish your to-do list and are ready for more then choose the next most important task. Now you feel really great because you got all your to-do’s done and you’ve even done more than three to-do’s. This is exactly where you need to end your day, productive, happy and fulfilled.

Mom Inspired to Action:

  • Get out your calendar for tomorrow and write down three to-do’s. Let go of all the other stuff and give this a fair try. This is all about taking action to transform. Stick to the plan and show yourself how you can get it done and have time to play with the kids and tea time with Daddy.


Let’s support each other Moms! How do you deal with the never ending list? What’s helped you the most?


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Thank you for sharing this path and leaving your wisdom to inspire other parents.

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