8 Ways to Inspire Math Excellence

Do you ever wonder if the math curriculum you are using will cover everything your child needs to learn? Will he be prepared for advanced studies, even college? Maybe the big voice of doubt appears when your child is procrastinating or complaining about the math being too hard, perhaps even crying over it. And let’s be honest, most of us, yes including me; do not want to stand in front of our children teaching Algebra every day. I know there are parents, who are the exception, but a larger percentage of parents do not want to teach math and a big percentage of them don’t feel confident in their own math skills. This is why it is even more imperative that you ensure your child is using a math curriculum that includes the following eight ways to inspire math excellence and ensure you are getting the results you expect.

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“Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics; I can assure you that mine are far greater.” –Einstein via @DonnaVail

Here’s my list of 8 Ways to Inspire Math Excellence

  1. Instruction must be organized and presented to be mastered through incremental development.
  2. Materials used should contain everything necessary to learn to the degree that a child can pick it up and use it in a self-education manner.
  3. Do not skip through material and always complete whole text. Do all work even if the child says he knows it and it’s easy. This simply means he can do it faster and get all problems correct.
  4. Complete daily work and always test. Daily work is all about working the memory and regular testing shows what has been mastered.
  5. Select a resource that not only allows the child to study in a self-education manner but also allows the parent to easily guide the student through harder concepts when necessary.
  6. Ensure student has mastered fractions, decimals and percents which is the foundation to upper mathematics.
  7. Help without teaching and telling by guiding your child to find the answers himself, referring to the lesson where the concept was taught, re-read the problem aloud, while breaking down the steps to manageable chunks.
  8. Realize that much of mathematics is dealing with character issues regarding laziness, attentiveness, focus, concentration and such. Make room for growing through character while also doing the math.


When you implement the practices described above it will save you countless hours of lesson planning, teaching and struggling with your children. Math is one of the three core subjects that must be learned to mastery. Every successful person I know who has a greater understanding of life is a scholar of math. With our technological advancements, as homeschool parents, math should be our leading subject to master so our children will have the firm foundation they will stand upon well into the future we will never see.

Parents Inspired to Action:

  • Keep this list visible and verify that each item is covered in your children’s math.
  • Younger or new students to self-education will need more guidance, but as they learn how to manage and take ownership of their own education they will release the need to depend on you.
  • Create an inspiring learning environment that is conducive to study and concentration.


Children Inspired to Action:

  • Set your child up with tools and resources conducive to self-education. Not all curriculums can be used in a self-education manner and will exasperate a child if it’s not aligned with self-education.
  • As you provide, guide and step aside, take time to recognize your children for their accomplishments and support them when they feel challenged beyond their own beliefs.
  • Hold your children accountable for consistency and daily application to their own education.


Bonus “Our World is Math” link: Building Buckyballs! http://fortuitousnovelties.wordpress.com/2012/10/15/building-buckyballs/ Children usually build bucky balls in levels 6 and 7 mathematics. Beginning simple origami projects will get them started early.

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