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Being a mom is a never ending job. If you’re like me you sometimes experience moments of feeling frazzled, overwhelmed and overworked; your plate is full and you feel like the days are slipping through your fingers.

As a mom we are producers and must operate most of the time as a high performer. Unfortunately most moms are not trained in high performance techniques. We’re often going it alone to figure things out often on little sleep. We receive scattered tips from neighbors and friends. In contrast, high performers such as professional athletes and extremely successful entrepreneurs always have the help of a mentor inspiring high performance.

Don’t you think it’s time for moms to have access to the practices and habits of high performance? After all, we’re raising the next generation who will advance our world. Many of the young children we care for in our homes are future athletes, musicians, artists, inventors, statesmen, philosophers and leaders. Imagine how they could advance growing up with success practices and habits as a natural part of everyday living. Imagine how much more inspired you can be as a mom when you’re not overwhelmed and overworked.

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It’s time for moms to have access to the practices and habits of high performance. @DonnaVail

I’ve spent the last 20 years studying the most successful people focusing on those individuals who also raised extraordinary families. Moms deserve to get more done in less time, manage home and household more effectively; all while still meeting the needs of our families.

On Thursday, February 28th I’m sharing specific how-tos you can begin using immediately in your everyday on a complimentary teleseminar – More for Mom.

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I look forward to meeting up with you and sharing the secrets all moms should have access to.

Please invite your friends and other moms.

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Donna Vail, Education and Parenting Specialist, is founder of An Inspired Education and the Mentor Mastery Inner Circle, the proven step-by-step program dedicated to maximizing the success in the human potential through homeschooling and life mastery for the whole family. She creates educational programs for homeschool children, “after-school” study programs for public schooled children and personal development for moms, while homeschooling her five children. Get free tips and resources from Donna Vail at: www.donnavailinternational.com

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