Falling into The Holidays

We are falling into the holidays quickly. In our family, holidays are bridged together with lots of celebration. Lauren and Zoe created a welcome as you come to celebrate with us.







Every Thanksgiving we find a new and creative way to share our thankfulness. This year we cut out fall leaves and every family member wrote a leaf for each member of the family expressing what they were grateful for about that person. We placed the finished leaves around each persons place setting. It was a real blessing and keepsake.







The night before Thanksgiving, Lauren and I baked pies and bread for the next days feast.






Of course everyone taste tested the home made crescent rolls.


A few days later we celebrated my husband’s birthday. We filled his cake with candles!


Birthdays are celebrated with a full day of fun for everyone.


Then only a few days following, we celebrated my son’s birthday. This year was especially exciting as he got his drivers license.


We are continuing to celebrate as everything begins to look more like Christmas.

What are you celebrating with your family? Please share by leaving a comment below.


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