Discover the Genius in Each of Your Children

Discover the Genius in Each of Your Children

By Donna Vail

Life is meant to be simple, engaging and provide exactly what you need for where you stand in this moment. There are many Universal laws occurring, keeping everything and I do mean EVERYTHING in perfect balance. Even when you don’t feel so good or if you think you’re having a bad day as difficult as it may seem, everything is in balance. For the sake of brevity, I will save the quantum physics lesson for a future article.

As individuals, we can seek to expand our higher awareness and learn to become more adept at balancing life’s ups and downs. Unfortunately, we often take a completely different process when it comes to our children, how we see them and their education. Most well-meaning parents; I used to do this as well, try to pressure their kids to excel in academics, so much so that it creates high levels of stress and the child feels a need to please the parents resulting in true learning taking a backseat. Unfortunately this becomes a dominating relationship resulting in struggle and placing exclusive emphasis on the results instead of the whole child, leaving no room for partnership between the parent and child. It is crucial that you find balance, which is the theme of this article. Without this balance, though the parent deeply loves the child and views his/her actions as being responsible, without this all important balance, the relationship becomes strained disconnecting the most important ingredient for learning – love. Einstein’s mother knew about this key component when raising her little genius, Albert.

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Love facilitates us to discover who we are and more about the world around us and how we are connected in the intricate web of life. Love is what brings us back to ourselves. Without love children are not engaged, learning becomes a chore and connections are lost.

“Each child has distinctive, inborn abilities. Education should provide experiences that will draw out these qualities rather than suppress them with the values and ideas of the adult world. Education should not be knowledge-based but child-centered.” –Ken Robinson

A child’s education needs to follow the path that includes the following:

  • Relate to the child’s highest values which are constantly revealing his life purpose. Core academics are not lost when they are linked to the child’s highest values and tended to with respect to the child. Additional studies come into focus according to the child’s interests and life path.
  • Respect the child’s self-expression and creativity. Customizing a child’s education allows for self-expression and creative ways to accomplish learning rather than keeping it in a box or generic. This will accomplish more learning that is equally more meaningful and effective.
  • Mentor instead of teach, encouraging genius within, guiding him how to think deeper and relating to learning through an inspiring learning environment, parent partnership, and being open to the child’s particular learning needs.

What if you saw your children as perfect? I mean perfect in their unique way. What if you decided that they were right where they needed to be? Would you be relieved? Would they sense this and be relieved as well?

I know it’s really hard to see your children side-by-side other children who are the same age, sometimes from “accredited” schools who talk about particular studies and structured lessons. Often questions come up, “Am I good enough to teach my children?” and “What are we missing?” and “Is my child behind?” I have been there many times myself. I can remember those feelings. But when you are thinking these thoughts they are not about your child. Even though you’re talking about their academics, it’s your thoughts and perceptions of their progress measured on a generic scale. In generic education children are taught to perform, not necessarily to love learning.

Remind yourself that your children are perfect where they are. See how they can be allowed more space for expressing themselves; look for ways to engage with them in conversation, to encourage their inner genius and help them relate to what they are learning by linking it to their highest values.

When you love more you will be able to live more and in the process, you will learn more, as a family and each child individually.


Parents Affirmation:

I listen with love and peace to what life is teaching me and I am always guided to provide for my children’s highest good.

Parents Inspired to Action:

  • Allow the inspiration to flow. Take time to get quiet and seek to be inspired about knowing what you can know about your child to better mentor him according to his highest values.

Children Inspired to Action:  

  • Look for ways for each of your children to creatively express themselves. Allow it to be specific to each whether it’s through writing, singing, art, music, building things, working with groups of people or performing in some way; as yourself “How can you link this to their highest values?”

How do your children like to express themselves the most? Please share by leaving a comment below.

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