You are Your Child’s Inspiring Learning Environment


When I was a girl I loved spending countless hours with my grandmother. As I look back with fondness of those times, I realize that she the first person in my life to exemplify what self-education is all about. She taught how to live a lifestyle of learning. I’m comforted in knowing that at any moment, I’m only a thought away from being transported instantly to the warmth and fulfillment I received from her as a young girl. Her unconditional love and support empowered me to embrace my uniqueness and believe in myself, often when it seemed no one else did. We shared the everyday tasks of living, but we also went to deeper levels of love and spirituality. Through her rich storytelling and sharing she taught me the importance of how to live and how to die. Little did I know at the time, that she was preparing and inspiring me for my life’s greatest work.

This is how it is for our children. They require us to prepare and inspire them for their greatest life work. They listen to our every word (even when you don’t think they do), they are watching our every move and they are fresh to this life, innocent and full of passion. If you have thoughts of, “oh, not my kid…innocent…no,” then you probably have an even more passionate one who’s strong will is mistaken for trouble or attitude issues. Know that this is the very power that will propel them towards their purpose. Don’t extinguish their flame by failing to see your children for the geniuses they are.

The most influential ingredient in your child’s inspiring learning environment is you. Whether you homeschool or not, your children are absorbing everything you say, everything you do; your logical patterns as well as the illogical ones.  Immediate attention on yourself will yield the fastest and most effective results. The eight ingredients to your inspiring learning environment, are listed of on the related blog post shown below:

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In John Taylor Gatto’s book, Dumbing Us Down, he shared that “education should make you a unique individual, not a conformist; furnish you with an original spirit with which to tackle the big challenges; allow you to find values which will be your road map through life; make you spiritually rich; become a person who loves whatever you are doing, whether you are with whomever you are with; teach you what is important and how to live and how to die.” Have you thought about doing this for your children?

Education cannot be generalized but must be customized for each child according to his highest values which leads to his greater purpose. The rich unfolding of life that happens in your home and community, through you and those in your lives will bring your child up in the direction he should go.

Children learn what they live. Seriously consider the people you will have your children around. The younger the child the fewer need for other people. As they get older you will expand your influence. Start at the heart and be content with much time between you and your children. You are exactly who they need more of. Naturally you will have the opportunity to bring family and extended relatives into the mix and having your children in extracurricular activities needs to be cautionary, quality versus quantity. Always consider the family as a whole and keeping flexibility with plenty of exploration time for the children before adding too many outside activities. Be purposeful as you seek to take your children to meet people out in the community or bring influencers into your home. This will have great impact on your children for a lifetime.

 “To bring up a child in the way he should go, travel that way yourself once in a while.” –Josh Billings

Home is the first place from which we form our view of the world. It’s where we express our values, build virtues and the abilities to fulfill a greater purpose. When we take time as parents to develop ourselves into better mentors, parents and influencers; we are able to better provide our children with what they need to succeed in life. They are drawing from their casual life every day through each gentle look, voice tone, words and acts of kindness. Inspire them to greatness by loving more, living more and through that course you will all learn more.

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Parents Inspired to Action:

  • Take the position of mentor rather than teacher, walking beside each other as partners rather than ruling over your children. At the same time your children are learning, pursue your own education and model how you’re still learning and express your love for learning.

Children Inspired to Action:  

  • Allow time and space for trial and error, success and failure. Be fully supportive at all times inspiring your children to thrive in the safety of your home and love. When life lessons show up, be patient and realize their importance in the education of your children and the growth of your family.

What areas in your own personal development are you concentrating on? What are your favorite resources for your personal development? Please share by leaving a comment below.


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