Finding Freedom from Struggle in Your Home Education

We all have habits that distract and disconnect us from ourselves and our ability to learn. This often leads to added stress, causing us to miss out on life. In this condition, we are no longer able to engage in real learning, receive wisdom from others or recognize opportunities.

How many subjects are you trying to cram, thinking it will conquer your fear of “what if I’ve missed something?” Unfortunately this is a contagious mindset of mass education, a mindset that stops your  homeschool dead in its tracks. You just think you’re coving it all by piling on the subjects, but what’s really happening is quite the opposite. With every subject added to your child’s core learning, you water down its effectiveness and education excellence is lost.

The core subjects (reading, writing and math) are the foundation to your child’s education from which he will construct his entire life. Watering it down can mean the difference between building on sand or rock. What kind of foundation do you want your children to rely upon for their future?

This doesn’t mean you’re left with only reading, writing and math. I know many people who worry so much over what might be missed, but when you have a strong core then other learning comes in through practices and explorations. Respect the core and you will be amazed at just how much the core can deliver!

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We are no longer in the information age and the information is readily available to us on our electronic devices anytime and anywhere. When we’re on a fast-information diet, it’s just like fast food you eat and an hour later you’re hungry. Your brain needs food as well, a good healthy diet of rich classics, whole story history and knowledge of depth and quality.

Once you begin satisfying the learner he no longer avoids his studies. His education pursuits move from core learning to practices to explorations and interwoven back and forth again. This coupled with the customized education for each child according to his purpose; will be very satisfying, rewarding, and extremely successful.

As parents and mentors it’s our responsibility to filter through all the education and opportunities that show up and focus in on what’s relevant and meaningful for each child. No matter the age of your child, they are giving you all the information you need to honor them. If you are unable to recognize this or read it, getting the tools and knowledge to do so is high priority. Along with exact subject how to’s, this training is top priority in the Mentor Mastery Inner Circle program.

“Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished.” –Lao Tsu

Slow down to the speed of nature where everything gets done and there’s plenty of time to receive what nature has to offer, relate fully with others, recognize opportunity and receive what life is abundantly giving. Life is learning and learning is life.


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Parents Inspired to Action:

  • Move from desperation to inspiration by providing education excellence that focuses on core learning infused with practices and explorations. This is where the real learning happens.

Children Inspired to Action:  

  • Determine each child’s 3-5 highest values. Once these are determined you can customize their education and communicate more easily through these values.

What subjects do you consider most important in their education today fully preparing them for their future? Please share by leaving a comment below.

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