Homeschooling Today, For Tomorrow

Homeschooling Today, For Tomorrow

By Donna Vail

Most of us homeschooling today were raised very differently than  we are choosing to raise our children. We are bold and have opted to let go of the short sighted vision that was instilled in us through the education system we were raised in. The pangs of our educational past are felt as we are raising and educating our children, often times struggling to not repeat history. We must shatter the myth that the masses want us to believe, that only the experts in the institutionalized forms of education have the power to unlock the hopes and dreams of your children’s future, conditioning the need to fit in and fall in line with the masses.

I’ve heard many homeschoolers talk about being worried they are not meeting the institutionalized standard or covering all the materials like institutional schools. This is repeating the shortsighted vision from the past. This is type of thinking only serves to perpetuate more limited visions. We should be thinking of today, tomorrow and projecting into the future several decades.

How can we develop such a long range vision when we are depending on our past to see the future? For starters, let go of the past. If you want real change, then you must be willing to change the way you think. Next, partner with your children, walking beside them and fulfilling the role of a great mentor who provides, guides and then steps aside. No force feeding mandatory assignments. Become intimately familiar with their dreams and passions. See their inner genius. Respect them holistically by creating a personalized education plan; first by observing and respecting your youngest children’s values and then communicating with them as partners. As they grow and mature in their education, you will not be force feeding them. Instead you will be drawing out of them the greatness that was born into them. As you develop your new mindset you will be empowered to continue to walk in partnership. As you do, the struggles of the past will simply melt away.

 “Every day is lost in which we do not learn something useful. Man has no nobler or more valuable possession than time.” –Thomas Jefferson

The next step is to cultivating your long range vision is to view education in the same manner as the most successful leaders, philosophers and elite have throughout time by placing education excellence first and job training to follow. Within our institutionalized education system job training is heralded as number one priority but this does not promote a thriving society that focuses on freedom and prosperity for all.

As you bring curriculum into the practice it must absolutely cover these three areas for your children to be well equipped for their future: classics, entrepreneurship and a deep and rich understanding of history. Every child’s education can be customized through the practice of self-education, mentoring coupled with purposeful living and learning.

It’s imperative that if you have children you must guide them in such a meaningful and purposeful manner that they are well equipped for what they face in life. No matter how children are educated, they must know how to self-educate. It’s imperative in today’s climate and for tomorrow’s success. Even if they want to get job training, encourage them to do so, but only after, but only after a rich education in the classics, experience in a successful entrepreneurial venture and a deep understanding of history.

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Now is a good time to get started. Children grow fast, so take time to increase your own education by becoming a more effective and successful mentor. There is a quiet revolution happening in education, from the comfort homeschooling households around the world. Join me in restoring education excellence, family harmony and true freedom.

“You will be drawing out of them the greatness you see and continue to walk in partnership, shedding all of the relationship struggles that come with forced education and dominating relationships.” –Donna Vail

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Parents Inspired to Action:

  • Start journaling your vision and make the necessary changes in your child’s education to include the classics, entrepreneurial studies and history. Take action immediately and if necessary get the help you need. Time is of the essence when it comes to your children’s education.

Children Inspired to Action:  

  • See the inner genius within each of your children. Become intimately involved by knowing their values, passions and life mission. Honor this throughout your curriculum plan and parent partnership as you sharing your everyday together, loving, living and learning.

Are you concerned about the social, economic and political climate we are experiencing today? What have you already implemented within your child’s education to make a positive impact on the future we are building today? Please join our inspired families share by leaving a comment below.


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