Help Your Children Thrive with a Parent Partnership

Help Your Children Thrive with a Parent Partnership

By Donna Vail

 “It isn’t the size of the family, it’s the interactions of the members inside.” –Michele Borba

As you are homeschooling and raising your children you can increase their ability to learn more by creating a parent partnership. It’s our responsibility to provide and guide, answering our calling to be partners with our children. Children learn what they live. Ask yourself, “is there anything I can improve upon in my life to increase theirs?” Home and curriculum creates environment, but the real success comes from the healthy relationships built first in the home then in one’s world.

What children need is love and compassion and honestly it’s what we all need. Men were not created to rule over each other, but instead to walk beside each other, encouraging each other along the way. By demonstrating this to our children we prepare them for the right relationships throughout all facets of life.

We are all students continually learning and growing, yet we are also teachers. While you’re increasing and growing in knowledge and skill, so will your children. As a parent you cannot expect your children to advance to where you want them to be without walking the path beside them. Remember, children model what they see. Be their model. Let go of the ways we were taught when we were growing up “Do as I say not as I do?”

What does a Parent-Child Partnership look like?

It’s built on a foundation of respect, harmony and love. We must be what we want our children to become.

Respect: Respect is earned not taught. To be respected you must first respect yourself and others.

Harmony: Taking into consideration the highest good for everyone, in all situations regardless of our own opinions.

Love: Unconditionally loving as we all grow through life’s lessons.

Parent partnerships traverse beyond the surface and down to the depths of where true relationships and learning take place, past our physical needs, right to the center of our soul. This growth evolves with consistency over time, but must be nurtured with regularity.

Children are evolving fast. The parenting styles of yesteryear no longer works today. Children born today will populate a whole new world. What they will face as adults will be very different than life as we know it today, similar to what we are living today is foreign to the world our parents raised their families in. This is why it is ever so crucial to embrace each child’s uniqueness through a parent partnership empowering both you and your children. Carl W. Buechner wrote: “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” So what then is the problem? Why is their chaos and struggle to get through the day?

Domination is the problem.  Partnership is the solution.

Every relationship is either domination or partnership. Domination leads to endless conflict. The more we work and live in partnership, the more we create harmony in our lives and in our world.

Every relationship is either domination or a partnership.

Domination:    Conflict, fear and the need to control.

Partnership:    Respect, harmony and love.

Partnerships are based on the Golden Rule: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”  The partnership also recognizes the great value and sacredness of all life.  It fosters harmony, respect, love and an explosion of creativity and joy.

Do you wonder why some relationships just don’t seem to flow? Ask yourself; is this relationship a partnership or domination? The answer will reveal the truth of that part of your life, whether abundant or barren. To be afraid to ask yourself these difficult thought provoking questions. You may discover solutions to some longstanding problems allowing you to move forward in life and your homeschool. Homeschooling your children is not only about the academics, it about your whole life, your family and that’s where parent partnerships support the growth of your family.

Take a step back so you can see the whole picture. Then focus in on what you and your children can do in your home, your community and ultimately the world. As we consider all areas of life and look to walk in partnership with each other, we will be creating balance in our lives which will translate balance into our children’s lives. What is done today with our children will be carried a hundred years or more into the future.  Let’s make it count.

As you create these partnerships, not only with your children but your neighbors, coworkers and practically everyone you encounter, you will be surrounded by people possessing far more capable skills with what they do, empowering you to be the best you, you can be. When you see others as their potential, you’re allowing them to prove you right and most often they will.

“The more you live and work in partnership with all, the happier, healthier and more successful you will be.” –Marc Allen

Parents Inspired to Action:

  • Create a partnership with yourself first, enabling you to better partner with others. More than talking with others our inner dialog runs throughout our waking hours. Replace all thoughts that are not conducive to the well-being of yourself, your child and others.  Be a partner with yourself taking good care and this will enable you to be a better partner with others.
  • Give yourself time to be still, observe and learn from what you see and hear. Instead of struggling and fighting your way along, do less and accomplish more.
  • Be conscious about how you are relating to your children. Are you walking beside them and talking heart to heart or dominating them with always telling them what to do. As you walk beside them they will be able to communicate to you the way you desire to be respected.

Children Inspired to Action:  

  • Teach your children the Golden Rule.
  • Help your children pause and consider a decision they are faced by reflecting on this question: “Does this add more life to all and less to none?”
  • Slow down and take time to experience the moment with your children. This is moving at the speed of nature and in nature nothing is left undone. Remember, with children, slow is fast and fast is slow.

Think back on a relationship you had with someone who treated you like a partner; with respect, harmony and love. What did you learn from being in that relationship that you can bring to your children? Please join our inspired families share by leaving a comment below.

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