Create Daily Consistency

Create Daily Consistency

By Donna Vail

Do you desire consistency in your life: your work, your family and your homeschool? Consistency is an essential ingredient that makes up the balance that produces the satisfying experience of peace and harmony you seek. If you truly want to gain control of your life, you must make consistency part of your daily actions.

So where do you begin? First, examine where you are and what you are currently doing. Based on the results, determine what you want to be doing and where you want to be. This will require your utmost honesty. Once you have completed your self-analysis, use the following tips to take action and yes be consistent, even when you don’t feel like it. Yes, even when you don’t feel like it as consistency creates consistency.

Here are the 4 steps to consistency:

  1. Do what you love. You’ll be more committed and productive doing something you love instead of forcing yourself to do something you don’t. It’s important that what you are doing is a match or aligned with your highest values. Get help and delegate the rest.
  2. Develop a routine. It’s imperative that you have a schedule. You must know what to do and when. Without creating a routine and a well organized schedule you are distracted by other non-productive things that consume all of your precious time. When working with children be sure and make this flexible and wide enough to properly care and guide them. You must be present every day and follow this routine.
  3. Prioritize your time and what you do. Recognize what will give you the fastest results moving you closer to your goal and let go of the time-killers. Get started and as you are implementing your plan you will be better able to prioritize and be clear on what is and isn’t moving you closer to your goal.
  4. Write things down. Digital calendars and electronic reminders are nice, but when you are initially creating your plan it’s important to write things down. This will help you connect with what you need to do and help you see what needs to happen. Create visual reminders and do everything you can to complete your tasks.

If you want to be successful and create consistency in your education, work and life, consistent action will create the balance you crave.

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.” –Anthony Robbins

Mom Inspired to Action:

  • Determine what you need to do and make sure it’s aligned with your highest values and you’re doing what you love.
  • Write a routine that honors each person and allows consistency with enough flexibility for your children. When schedules involve children you have to give a greater allowance and make your focused time really count.
  • Get your priorities straight and know exactly what you need to do to get you where you are going. A regular review of your plan will allow for adjustments that need to be made along the way; showing up fully and consistently, even when you don’t feel like it.

What time of day do you do your best focused work? What’s your favorite project management tool? Please join our inspired families share by leaving a comment below.

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Donna Vail is an education-parenting specialist, coach, mompreneur, homeschooling mother of six children, author and founder of An Inspired Education. She helps families create a lifestyle of true freedom by balancing education, work and life through self-education, entrepreneurship and inspiration. She is a highly sought after consultant for her successful guidance and resources that enable parents to let go of traditional parenting and education models, creating a lifestyle of learning where the whole family flourishes. You can find more of her resources at

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