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In the years I have been homeschooling my children and helping other families homeschool their own, I have recognized a shift happening all across the world. I’m sure you have seen and are feeling it too. Old education systems are no longer working and more parents than ever before are realizing they need to step in and ensure their children are getting an excellent education that will be sustainable into their children’s quick changing future. Many parents are choosing homeschooling and you may already be homeschooling or perhaps considering it as an option for your children.

Today we are faced with a completely different problem than when I began homeschooling. When I first started it was hard to find information, materials and other homeschoolers.  Now parents are faced with the overwhelm of too much information to sift through and your child’s education is nothing to experiment with, not to mention the extensive time involved. That’s why I’ve decided to share what I’ve learned over the years to make it easier for you and your family. My six children are ages 4 to 21; so I’ve got early reading all the way to finishing out college and everything in between happening in my own family in addition to all the families I help through my private coaching programs and Mentor Mastery Inner Circle.

I’m offering a FREE Home Education and Parenting Tele-series where you can Discover How Your Children Learn More through Self-Education as You Mentor Instead of Teach.

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During this content filled live tele-series you will learn how:

  • To mentor your children instead of teaching
  • Your children can learn more through self-education
  • To create a schedule that works and covers household management
  • Three core subjects expand into all your children will need to know academically
  • To finally know you are covering everything your children need to know for their future
  • To let go of the need to do it all and hush the fear of failure once and for all
  • You can kiss burnout goodbye once and for all and enjoy your children each and every day

We will have a limited number of lines open for this tele-series so be sure to register now.

Once you register you will be able to send me your questions about home education and receive all the dial in details. You will definitely want to be on this live tele-series starting Thursday, July 26th at 5pm PT/ 7pm CST/ 8pm ET.

See you on the call.


Peace and love,

Donna Vail

Education and Parenting Specialist and Coach

Founder, An Inspired Education



About Donna Vail

Donna Vail is an education-parenting specialist, coach, mompreneur, homeschooling mother of six children, author and founder of An Inspired Education. She helps families create a lifestyle of true freedom by balancing education, work and life through self-education, entrepreneurship and inspiration. She is a highly sought after consultant for her successful guidance and resources that enable parents to let go of traditional parenting and education models, creating a lifestyle of learning where the whole family flourishes. You can find more of her resources at


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