Your Routine Matters to You and Your Family

Your Routine Matters to You and Your Family

By Donna Vail

Have you ever noticed that some days just flow better than others? Do you desire a way to synchronize everything so you’re not holding it all together yourself?

The foundation to what you seek is in your routine. The mere mention of “routine” does raise the question though, “How can I be inspired when I’m locked in a routine?” I can assure you the routine will make it so you have the freedom for your creativity and inspiration.

Mindset: We are in charge of our own mind and called to live just as “I am” and “what I’m about.” By you being you, you are fulfilling the purpose and service to those in your life. Engage your mind each day by learning something new at least monthly. Challenge yourself by pushing your capabilities. Express yourself creatively as you share, speak, dress, work and relate. Make deep connections to yourself and to others.

Body: This is most important because it affects all areas of your life and your relationships. It’s natural to flow through peaks and valleys but not crashes and backsliding. As parents, it’s important that we maintain an authentic enduring real energy. Not what is found in coffee, sugar or energy drinks but through natural health habits. You can make a big difference immediately by getting at least 8 hours of sleep, breathing deeper, drinking plenty of clean fresh water all day long, eating a green based diet, taking the appropriate supplements and exercising. You and your family deserve you functioning at an energized and healthy level.

Productivity: I believe moms should be empowered to operate at a level of high performance. I’m very much a free spirit and love living inspired but it’s through habits and a well organized plan that gives me more space in my day to be free spirited. Mindset is at the top for productivity, so first we must own our day, be clear on the role we play and then have a well organized plan for producing what we are responsible for. It can move from mountains of laundry to three meals a day, to simply reading a book to our children or listening when they need to talk it out and then doing our professional work between it all. It’s very possible and many moms do it every day by producing rather than counting hours. Look at what you are responsible to produce. More on this as we journey together. It’s a top priority for moms.

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Values: We are all born with a purpose to fulfill with the life that we live. Your values guide you along the way. As you keep your top three values in front of you and choose according to your highest values, you will find an easier flow with all that you do. It’s only when we choose outside of our values that we experience anxiety and stress. What are your top three values?

Big Why: What drives you? What powers you up? What’s the bigger picture? You’ve got specific reasons you are a working mom. There were pressing reasons why you decided to homeschool. Take time to know your why and the bigger vision you are working towards.

As you develop a routine that works for you and begin operating at a higher level, your children will be empowered to do the same in their studies, projects and work.  Be conscious at all times what you are modeling to them. Is it producing the results you want to see?

Moms Inspired to Action:

  • Schedule yourself and your spouse to do something new together. Set up another time for the family to do something new together. It can be something you do at home or go out for.
  • Look at your wellness and how you are taking care of you. What needs to change? What can you change now to improve your energy levels?
  • Re-evaluate what you’re responsible for on a daily basis. Can anything be delegated? What’s your role and how can you live that role more fully? Be the best at what you do and who you are. Take time to contemplate and as inspiration flows also take time to make plans to implement the new inspired ideas.

What’s your favorite workout and big why? Please share by leaving a comment below.


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