Inspire Creativity in Your Children

“Inspire Creativity in Your Children”

By Donna Vail

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” Scott Adams


The key to success in all areas of your life and in everything we do is creativity. It’s not only limited to art or music, it is a necessary component for math, science, writing and foundational in social intelligence.

As our world advances quickly in technology and change, creative people have an edge by being more flexible and better at solving problems.

Between video games, entertainment and the multitude of electronic toys available, it is imperative to find balance so your children’s creativity is not stifled. Finding this balance amidst it all, children who are encouraged to discover their creative side, will be more adept at living life with sense of self assurance that will carry them to unlimited heights of achievement throughout their life.

Three steps you can take now to inspire creativity in your children:

  1. Provide time and space. Children need unstructured time where they can self-direct their play and imaginative explorations. We like to call this project time and my children know they have a good 2-4 hours to do what “they” want. They can make messes with kids, building things, painting, playing…whatever their interest. Create manageable areas where they are free to get things out but also know how to pick up later. Parents –no fussing allowed during this period. Just like when you’re cooking a mess has to be made and then you can enjoy your yummy creation and clean up.
  2. Turn off the television. Create time when the television is not watched and leave the viewing for later in the day or on weekends only. Some families have decided to eliminate television entirely. Everyone’s idea of balance is different. You have to do what’s right for your family. When the TV is off, kids have more time to read for fun, work on projects, play outside, draw or do crafts and make things.
  3. Create an inspiring learning environment. In An Inspired Education we include 8 ingredients to create our inspiring learning environment in your home and activities around the community.

Here are three of the eight ingredients to make your learning environment inspiring:

    • People (parents, children, family, friends, community): The most powerful teaching tool of all is setting the example. Research clearly shows that young children who have the opportunity to learn from relatively few people, without the distraction of many children around them will be less confused and more certain of their direction. As you schedule more days for being at home and creativity you and your children will discover all the things you love to do.
    • A natural flow of everyday life: Allowing the natural flow of everyday life will ensure that your children are learning all that needs to be learned for their each individual greater success. Because you are mentoring your children you no longer need to “hold class,” or create a full time teaching job. Your children will appreciate this flow of living and learning. In fact, this is where they thrive and the whole family can find a peaceful balance.
    • Events in the home, community and world: Events in the home can move from regular everyday schedules and habits to special occasions. Inviting interesting people to your home for a visit or dinner that have stories and life experiences to share can add great interest and even share first person experiences in moments of history being created right now. Events in the community can be family oriented and events that extend into the world need to involve the whole family.

The quality of your homeschool will be dependent on the depth you take in the steps for creating an inspiring learning environment coupled with creativity. Create the experience and the life you want to live. It’s your privilege as a homeschooler, so be sure and live it!

 “A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.” –Frank Capra

Parents Inspired to Action:

  • Embrace the art of allowing. Let your children explore what interests them instead of always trying to direct them.
  • Be open to new ideas your children come up with, letting them find out what works and what doesn’t work. Experience is the best teacher. Remember this is always in the safety of you because when they learn it with you they will be more successful when they are out on their own.
  • Be a model by including in your day time for creativity. What interests you? What can you make or learn how to do? Share with them what you are learning and making as you walk beside them as partners.


Children Inspired to Action:  

  • Before removing screen time, be sure you’ve filled the time and space with what they need to support their creative endeavors. Peak their interest with new and interesting projects. You can even get in there with them and do a project together launching them into creativity.
  • Is there anyone in the community you can learn from through interview, observation or lessons? Perhaps there is someone with a unique experience who your children are interested in that you could invite to dinner.
  • Ask your children what they are interested in doing. Explore together ways you can infuse your days with creativity. This will add to their satisfaction and often calm the anxious child.
What areas of study and learning are you most creative? What are the subjects of study you could use more help making creative? Please comment below…I’d love to hear from you.


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