Learning and Living Creatively

Learning and Living Creatively

By Donna Vail

“When we allow ourselves and others to think creatively and make independent decisions based on common goals, we become more fulfilled, and  we make worthwhile contribution.” ~Howard Behar

A large part of living an Inspired Education is honoring your creativity. We are all in a constant state of change, growing and learning,  and sometimes standing still. While we need to have structure in our day we also must include flexibility and time for creativity. Create anchor times throughout your day, where you can bring everything back into balance. Develop common goals as a family. Set up structure in your schedule so everyone is supported in their needs but flexible enough to expand into creativity or follow a new learning opportunity.

Allow your children the time and space to be creatively human. Letting go of rigidness can relieve you and your children of stress. Is there really a need for so many rules? Could any of these rules be standing in the way of growth, learning and creative expression? Are you experiencing more rule breakers?

Take time to pause and consider. Sit back and observe. Consider everyone individually and the family as a whole. As you take this time and observe, your children likely will astound you.
About Donna Vail  

Donna Vail is an education-parenting specialist, coach, mompreneur, homeschooling mother of six children, author and founder of An Inspired Education. She helps families create a lifestyle of true freedom by balancing education, work and life through self-education, entrepreneurship and inspiration. She is a highly sought after consultant for her successful guidance and resources that enable parents to let go of traditional parenting and education models, creating a lifestyle of learning where the whole family flourishes.


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