Working Parents Inspired

Working Parents Inspired

By Donna Vail


Taking care of the home, raising children, managing their academics and all else that fills your life can be very demanding and then adding part or full time work into the mix can create challenge as you try to balance your days and not feel like you are always busy. Now is the time when you need a well-organized plan. This includes your Year-at-a-Glance, Month-at-a-Glance, daily tasks, well appointed time blocks and self-discipline to maintain your well-organized plan as well as carrying it out each and every day.


Instead of carrying it all in your head, spending time and energy rehashing it in your mind or even possibly forgetting something, a well-organized plan will give you peace of mind, keep your days flowing and make room for what’s most important to you like family time and having fun together.


If you need help creating a well-organized plan that will serve you rather than creating more work for you, send me an email, This is the year for you to start living inspired and create every day extraordinary. It’s never too late to begin again.


Here’s the latest share from one of our members:

I could see that she truly cared and wanted me to be the best Mom I could be.

“Before participating in Donna’s Mentor Mastery Inner Circle I was overwhelmed.  I was not home schooling full time but even still, I felt lost when I had my three year old home with me.  What do I do with him?  How do I create a loving relationship with this person?  It was a real struggle for me.

As a member of Donna’s Inner Circle Program I receive so much guidance.  Donna’s focus is not only on my child, but on me.  How could I grow from this experience to be the Mom I want to be?  It is so much more than about finding the right curriculum.   She really listens to my questions and always gives thoughtful, articulate responses.  I could see that she truly cared and wanted me to be the best Mom I could be.

As a result of Donna’s guidance and my willingness to really jump in and apply all of her resources I slowly felt my confidence grow.  I began to notice, more quickly, when I would get off track.  I fine tuned my schedule to one that supports my highest values.  I am the Mother I want to be!

My advice for those thinking of working with Donna is to be open to change!  She will give you many things to think about, not only with your home school, but with your fears and challenges. I never thought I could home school my child.  Donna played a major role in helping me have confidence in my ability to learn and have faith in my family.”

-Stephanie Hoffpauir – Work-at-Home Mom


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