Learning by Desire Rather than Force

Learning by Desire Rather than Force

By Donna Vail

“Every addition to true knowledge is an addition to human power.” -Horace Mann

Children do not have to be forced to learn. A child’s natural inclination is to learn and explore curiosities for greater knowledge and understanding. This is in direct proportion to the parents attitude and that of the influencing adults the child is surrounded by. There are instances when children seem to not want to learn. This is when his natural inclination has been throttled and learning has been forced. If this is ever your experience, do not fret, we’ve brought many children back to a love for learning, easily and without struggle.

So often when parents decide to homeschool their own or become involved in their child’s learning the focus is on how to make the child learn it. Often times we are only repeating a previous learning model of painful and disagreeable effort. Changing our thoughts to learning that is agreeable and something children desire, will make the greatest impact for you and your children to experience together. This will result in learning for life.

Bringing forth this desire need not be hard but rather a point of relating and guiding the child to take an interest in his own learning. If you yourself are not interested in learning and growing in knowledge and skill it is likely your child will follow suit. There’s no need for parents to get out the math book and do the lessons themselves (unless you really want to) but rather find ways to be constantly educating oneself to growing in areas of interest and purpose. You are your child’s environment, remain inspired.

One must also consider if the learning is of value. When children don’t see the value their interest wains. Look for creative ways you can link their academic work to their highest values. We are all choosing according to our highest values and when something we don’t want to do is linked to these values we can see the validity to spend time and energy there.

It’s important to set your children and yourself up for success. Taking these few initial steps are the foundation to creating An Inspired Education and living a lifestyle of learning. The whole family will flourish!

Catch the wave of a desire to love more, live more and learn more.


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