Leap Into Learning

Today is Leap Day, that one extra day you get every four years to keep the calendar and season in sync. So what are you doing for your extra day?

We’ve been busy around the house doing what we love with kids building lots of things with legos and I have been working on a lot of writing, documenting exactly how we cover Language Arts and make it simple. That got me thinking about you and wanting to share all of this with you.

As you know, I’ve been homeschooling my children since 1995 and helping families all along the way. I started out much the same as most parents, doing a lot of research and buying a lot of curriculum, creating a school in my home. To be honest with you my children and I burned out after three years and I was questioning every decision and choice I had made around homeschooling.

At the time I had been working my corporate job from home, being a mom of 2 children with one on the way, being a wife, taking care of everyday living, you know endless mountains of laundry, three meals a day and everything in between. This was back when the Internet was just getting started so information was not readily available for us to about how to homeschool. We had to know someone who knew someone who was willing to share. I spent every moment I wasn’t working on everything else, studying, researching and learning everything I could about education and homeschooling.

Right before our third child came I discovered something that changed our lives forever. I realized what I had known and learned since I was a little girl but didn’t ever recognize what I had been doing. Actually my grandmother taught me how to do this. It’s the method of self-education. Once we switched over to this way of learning our whole family was changed forever. It was so life changing I knew I had to share this with other parents too, how to ensure children get an excellent education and rich life experiences centered around self-education and family learning.

Now I have six children and have never experienced burnout since eliminating the cause of it back in 1998. The families that have incorporated An Inspired Education into their home have found harmony and peace in self-education and family learning.

I want to share this with you because as parents we are faced with a lot of responsibilities and the world we live in now is much different from 1995. That was at the cusp of the Information Age and now we are in the Creative Age. As changes occur at a much more rapid pace we have to ensure our children are educated in a way that will carry them forward into a time we cannot predict or possibly know what they will need to survive.

That’s why it’s so important to me to share how to center education around self-education and family learning. Balancing education, work and life.

In the Mentor Mastery Inner Circle we are continuing in-depth guidance on how to homeschool as well as providing complete support for parents whether they are new to homeschooling or a veteran who is ready for education, work, life balance.


Here’s what one of our members shared about her experience:

“This is our family’s first year educating our children at home and before participating in Donna’s Mentor Mastery Inner Circle I was completely overwhelmed and ready to give up.  I have a degree in Elementary Education and even thought I knew it was wrong to try to re-create school at home, this is what I was doing.  My children and I were miserable.   I came across Donna’s website and was instantly taken by her advice. And after just a few months of working with Donna and following her advice and feedback a calmness and sense of confidence came over me and it has changed my life.   She has taught me to simplify and see my children in such a different light.  I have been able to simplify our school day and create an environment in our home that is filled with inspiration.   My children are now reading constantly.  The other day my daughter’s friend, who attends a private school, came over and my daughter was so excited to show her a book that she was reading, her friend stated ” I don’t want to think about school right now!”  It is these moments that make me smile and so grateful to have this opportunity to inspire my children.  If it weren’t for the last few months with Donna I can honestly say that I would probably be sending my children back to school next year.  My advice for those thinking of working with Donna is to spend time reading her blog, listening to her interviews and joining her Inner Circle.  She is always available and whenever I am having a problem or a bad day, I know that I can contact her and that she will be able to help me.”

-Carrie Koster, Homeschool Work-at-Home Mom of 2



Take the leap and become an Inner Circle member NOW. This will give you access to a year’s worth of audio training, special bonuses and access to the private forum.



Make this extra day of the year count by taking the leap! Let’s do this together…and then you can be certain that as you homeschool your own you have complete support and the tools you need for continual success and balance in education, work and life.

See you there!

Love and peace,

Donna Vail

Education and Parenting Specialist


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