How to Follow Inspiration for Deeper Learning


“How to Follow Inspiration for Deeper Learning”

By Donna Vail

“Your children will see what you’re all about by what you live rather than what you say.” -Wayne Dyer 

Is it true your children can learn more through inspiration than their assigned curriculum and scheduled pages to read daily? Absolutely and many families are experiencing this way to deeper learning every day.

Don’t worry; we are not tossing the baby out with the bath water. Children do need an academic foundation that will support them throughout their lives and that is why in An Inspired Education we’ve placed academic excellence as the core and then everything revolves around that in a way that honors and respects everyone involved, the whole family.

Following inspiration and self-educating is the most organic way to learn. It’s where we find our joy because as humans we are wired to be creators, to satisfy curiosities and grow from our experiences. When we honor this natural process life gets easier because we stop resisting the natural flow.

With a little reorganizing and a new perspective you can incorporate these methods in your homeschool.

  1. Be the Change: The best place to begin when you want to see results is to work on yourself first. Because you are your child’s environment you need to exemplify with your life the passion curiosity and love for learning you want to see in your children. Let go of all busy work and truly engage in what you love. Read about it, experiment with it, build your skill in it and seek out others who are already doing it. Get a mentor who can lead the way and guide you to be better at doing what you love. As you demonstrate this your child will automatically begin duplicating you in his own way.
  2. Respect Your Child: Your child’s interests won’t always be aligned with yours and chances are could be in something you don’t value at all. If you are unconditional, supportive and open to his explorations it will build not only your relationship but also empower him to follow his dreams. Interests can last for a day, a week, a year and even a lifetime. Whatever he is learning along the way through his interests, it will contribute to his life work as an adult. Trust and allowing will yield big results.
  3. Provide, Guide and Step Aside: As you let go of standing in front of your children to teach and become their mentor, providing, guiding and stepping aside, your children will be able to better relate to their academics and become masters in the exact area they need. What they learn in their academics will be applied and used during free time when they are working on projects, community involvement or just playing. Let the questions flow. Through curiosity much is learned. You don’t have to have all the answers for them and you shouldn’t answer all questions for them anyway. Show them how to access the resources and discover the answers on their own.
  4. Inspired Learning Environment: Provide the space, tools and the time for your children to be inspired. Be mindful of your children’s environment at all times making sure there is a good balance. This includes: people (parents, children, family, friends, community), a natural flow of everyday life, events in the home, community and world, quality books, time tested education plan for academic excellence, love and encouragement, common sense and curiosity, and time and space to explore and grow. Be sure and allow time for going out in your community and traveling to places connected to your children’s interests. You can find a wealth of resources, knowledge and experiences by going to parks, museums, special interest shops, festivals, and libraries. Don’t overbook yourself with too many outings because you want to be sure and honor the free exploration time. Even family weekend trips to drivable places add to the fun and learning.
  5. Follow Inspiration: It’s what got us the light bulb, the telephone and many other necessities we now take for granted every day. Thomas Edison and all the Greats you read about know what it took to do something that would change the world. It took plenty of open, unstructured time and inspiration. Sometimes children have to get to a point of total boredom, which Einstein says is the beginning of creation. As you support this throughout their childhood it will embrace them to live authentically and serve their greater purpose as adults.

See where inspiration takes you. Listen to your heart, that soft quiet voice inside that points the way. It’s always for your highest good and isn’t that what you want for your children? A life filled with love, joy and great success? Today we create our tomorrow so let’s make it extraordinary.

“Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one.” –Anthony Robbins

Parents Inspired to Action:

  • Get the school out of your homeschool and live An Inspired Education. Take time to contemplate the five methods listed above and journal what comes up for your homeschool. What can you change or implement? Don’t try to do it all at once. Just implement one method per week. Allow for everyone to adjust to the change.
  • Create a parent partnership with your children, walking beside them rather than ruling over them. Talk with them about their experiences everyday as their partner supporting them in their experience without trying to change them according to your own beliefs. Take time to sit and really listen, be fully present and follow your heart.
  • As you step away from standing in front of your children teaching you can work on your own education or your work if you work-from-home. While you sit quietly doing your work you will be modeling for your children to do their work. Don’t expect them to sit down if you are jumping around the house. Children learn what they live so model that which you want to see.
Children Inspired to Action: 
  • Allow for decompression time as your children get used to free unstructured time. It’s okay to get bored and never hurts anyone to get to that state when creative juices kick in.
  • Sit and talk with your children about the changes you want to make and get their input. Children have great ideas and this way you can get their ideas and what they are interested in doing creating a plan together.
  • Older children may be able to use a skill to create their own home business. You will want to guide them through the process and work side-by-side when it comes to dealing with customers and money as they are learning how to handle all the parts of business.
    You might be wondering what kind of systems you can incorporate to get the results you’re looking for in your own homeschool and life. What are the daily details to make it happen? Trial and error can take a lot of time. Successful people always incorporate the help of mentors and coaches so they don’t have to re-invent the wheel. If you would like a more systematic approach that includes the details to help you produce real change fast, I recommend joining the Mentor Mastery Inner Circle. It keeps you inspired and you receive coaching directly from Donna in the most important things for setting up simple, effective systems giving your children an education in excellence while creating family harmony. It’s easy. It’s affordable. Get started today at

Think peace, live love.


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