Ask Donna: I’m a Homeschool Dad, How Can I Contribute?


This Week’s Question Answered:

Q: I’m a homeschooling dad and my wife takes care of most of the homeschool responsibilities while I’m at work. Do you have any suggestions on how I can contribute more to my children’s educational experience?
A: Let me first commend for choosing to take an active role in your child’s education. Your whole family will benefit greatly.
Consider yourself first. What are your actions? Are you modeling the behavior and habits you want for your children? They’re little sponges soaking up your every word, behavior and habit. If you want them to be readers, read books yourself. If you want them to be self-educators, teach yourself something, seek knowledge.
Give instruction and expect to give it several times. Sometimes children have to be told and/or shown several times. Make it easy for them to understand what is expected of them. Cut big projects into smaller pieces so they’re doable. Be prepared to participate and have them participate. If you’re wanting older kids to do yard work be sure you have given full instruction, modeled how to do it, including safety precautions and discuss it several times if there is a question of understanding. Children need our guidance and mentoring more than commands and demands. Build them up with encouragement and make yourself available and approachable for questions.
Give your children vision so they can see the bigger picture. As you live and work talk through what you are doing and why you do what you do. This helps them see the bigger picture. Instead of just rules include how the rules affect everyone involved and how important it is to consider others when making a decision. This will help your children see you as a respectful person as well as build them into responsible individuals.
Become a partner with your wife and children. If you’re not sure where to step in ask them where you might be of service. Seek to understand what they’re doing and why they have chosen to do it that way. A family that works together, studies together and plays together grows mighty bonds and a strength that can be of service to the world. I like to emphasize making it fun! Enjoy each other and all that you’re learning and growing through as a family. It’s a  wonderful life!

Love more, live more and learn more.

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