Ask Donna Vail: How Can Homeschoolers Get Enough Socialization?


This Week’s Question Answered:

Q: What about the social life of kids who learn at home? I’m concerned about being too isolated.
A: There are many ways for homeschoolers to meet other kids. The real question is what kind of socialization are you seeking? When children attend public school they are growing up alongside peers that are the same age and none the wiser. The reason homeschoolers are seeing such great results is because they’re involved with people of all ages. They grow up in an environment that is natural and real rather than a “school system”. Studies have shown homeschool children are very skilled at interfacing with people of all ages, are rarely shy or withdrawn around adults and have a positive self-awareness unlike many of their public school counterparts. They’re more likely to have friends of different ages and are free of the cliquish, exclusive behavior so common in schools.
Here are just a few ways that homeschoolers meet and socialize with other people in the community: church, Scouts, 4-H, community sports, Community theater, and classes for particular interest including music, dance, art, as well as homeschool groups and activity clubs. Many homeschoolers are also involved in community service efforts and are making a real difference in the world. On many occasion homeschool groups convene and go to museums together, form study groups for biology or other subjects. Many also take education vacations together.
This is real life learning and homeschoolers learn how to be social in the most positive and healthy way that contributes to a better world. Homeschooled children are meeting people from many different backgrounds with all sorts of life experiences and their friendships grow with culture and diversity.

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