Ask Donna Vail: How can I balance working from home and homeschooling?

Donna Answers This Week’s Question:

Q: I work from home with my husband and this is our first year to homeschool. Can you make any recommendations on how I can balance working from home and homeschooling? Do you have any particular resources or tools that you use?

A: The first thing I would address is implementing self-education in the home rather than standing in front of your children teaching. This will reduce many of your struggles and free up more time. Other key factors are creating a schedule that honors everyone in the home and allows you time to focus on work. Also the work needs to be batched so you can streamline the workload and be more effective in less time. Create time that you can work uninterrupted and time to do tasks that can survive interruptions. Find ways you and your husband can help each other with the workload. If you have a seminar or phone call can he be with the children and visa versa? And finally, determine a cut off time so you are not working “all” of the time. When children know you have off all day Thursdays or you’re done at 5 they look forward to this time and it becomes higher quality time to share as a family as you are fully present. Get creative and make it work for your unique situation.

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