Be a Good Listener, Raise a Good Listener

Be a good listener. It makes the person who’s speaking to you feel loved, cared for, and worthy of being heard.

Listening skills are essential to learning and in the developmentĀ of a person as a whole. Being a good listener equips a person to be able to solve challenges in work and life. It’s also a pillar in building a strong self-esteem, giving the person who has something to say an audience that geniunely listens and gives them the space for expression. Relationships including fully present listening are rich and deeply rewarding.

Listening tips:

1. Talk to your children with meaningful dialogue. Even babies love to be talked to.

2. Keep your environment peaceful and minimize distractions.

3. Share stories, listen to music together and sing, read books aloud together and discuss experiences as much as possible.


Love more, live more, learn more.





  1. Lawrence SC. Egwali says:

    Greetings, Donna!
    I’ve just shared this link in my fb profile. Usually, I also forward your documents to friends’ mails. I know its quite rewarding and must be shared to others.
    My regards to your family and the Homeschooling team.
    +Lawrence SC. Egwali. (Nigeria)

    • Hi Lawrence, Thank you so much for sharing. I appreciate you and look forward to the continued friendship. Stay inspired! Peace and blessings to you and your family, Donna

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