Lifestyle of True Freedom with Family Harmony

When you’re in the comfort of your own home it’s easy to get comfortable, slothful, and to some degree neglectful. I’m not talking about to the extreme but letting a little go here and there, being relaxed with manners and even at times taking the easy way out. Then you wonder why you can’t seem to get to the life you desire. Do you see your children with any of these habits listed above? Did you know that their habits all begin with you? That is right. Children model what they see, they learn what they live so if you see them with a habit you are not particularly fond of the first step is to ask yourself if the habit originates from you or another source. Get to the root of the cause.

Would you like to create a lifestyle of true freedom and family harmony? You can begin today by practicing success habits yourself and sharing them with your children. Here are three practices you can begin today towards the lifestyle of true freedom and family harmony you desire.

  1. Create a schedule for yourself that guides you to be responsible as well as opens time for family. As you begin practicing your new and well organized plan then you can guide your children to create their own schedules. Walk along side them so they go through the process and take ownership of it. Remember to align your schedules so you are not only getting your individual responsibilities accomplished but also allowing time to come together wherever possible.
  2. Create a plan that encourages team work. Together you can work on repetitive tasks and the necessities for daily living. Many hands make work light. This also creates more time to be synergistic as a family.
  3. Focus on discovery and learning rather than entertainment. Find the joy in hands-on learning rather than looking to be entertained by devices. Involving the whole family means no one misses out on anything. When everyday is filled with discovery and your environment is rich with learning the whole family grows together sharing in harmony and true freedom.

This is your life, how are you going to live it? The years pass by quickly as the children are growing and learning. Let’s make every moment count. Love more, live more, learn more. See you at the beach (wink).

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