Ask Donna Vail: “How can I encourage a love for reading?”

(Zoë, 3 years-old, climbing to get the book she wants.)

Donna Answers This Week’s Question:

Q: How can I encourage a love of reading in my children? Even though we homeschool they don’t show an interest in reading books other than what they have to. I would like to see them more interested in book rather than TV and gaming devices.

A: With extra time on your hands sometimes children can get bored and stray to habits that do not support reading, however if you set up your environment to support the love of reading they cannot help but join in. Here are a few ways you can get started:

  1. Turn off the television. Many families have gotten rid of the TV all together but if you don’t want to do that you can turn it off during the week and establish selected viewing times such as Friday night as a family or weekend viewing. Always choose positive shows with a message while avoiding news and violence.
  2. Unplug from the gaming devices. This can be treated the same as the television, at your discretion. Limit time spent on these devices. Teach them the importance of self-discipline and guide them through other activities to not desire so much of the devices.
  3. Live in a library. Design your home like a library with an abundance of books on many subjects. Let them learn how to pull books off the shelf to find answers. Have books on your coffee table, in each room, everywhere.  There’s no such thing as too many bookshelves!
  4. Go to the library often. Take weekly trips to your local library so your children can check out books with their own library card. As soon as our children learn to read and write they get their own library card. By going this often they become familiar with where the books are, friend the librarians and can participate in reading activities sponsored by the library. We participate in our local library reading challenge for all ages. The key is to go often.
  5. Read books yourself. Be sure your children see you reading books for self improvement, personal enjoyment or how to fix something around the house. Always have a book in progress. If it’s for learning be sure you take notes in your journal as you do, you’re modeling self-education.
  6. Read aloud to your children. No matter their age choose a time to gather the family and read a book aloud to them. With older children you can pass the book around and take turns reading aloud. This is great fun. You will create wonderful memories of the stories shared.

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