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Saturday, March 26, 2011
12 Noon ET, 9 A.M. PST, 11 A.M. CST
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Keepers of the Children

As parents, grandparents, teachers and community we are all keepers of the children. Join Donna and her guest Laura Ramirez as they discuss how to raise children to know their nature, develop their strengths and create lives of meaning enabling them to make great contributions to society. With the combination of Laura’s wisdom on child development and parenting she adds the wisdom of Native Americans to truly honor children as they grow and develop. Discover the sacredness of raising children with specific how-to’s you can apply immediately to begin creating family harmony while raising your children with a vision that honors them today as well as into the future.


Guest: Laura Ramirez

Laura Ramirez is the author of the award-winning parenting book, “Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting”  The book teaches parents how to raise caring, compassionate children who use their strengths to create fulfilling and productive lives. Ms. Ramirez is the author of thousands of parenting-related articles and lives with her husband (a Pascua Yaqui Native American man) and two children in the sage-dotted foothills of Northern Nevada. Connect with Laura at




Host: Donna Vail

Donna Vail is the founder of An Inspired Education, a company devoted to homeschooling families, inspiring them to live extraordinary lives and empowering their children through self-education.

In 1995 when homeschooling was still unknown to the masses, Donna transitioned from her daily office commute, to work from home and homeschool her children. Donna homeschools her six children and helps parents around the world achieve success in their homeschools through her writing, speaking, workshops and private consults. Her passion for education excellence drives her to continually explore and develop new ways to support and nurture children.

Donna has developed an open-system using the highest quality proven resources that inspire natural curiosities and a love of learning in children, supporting harmonious family living. She creates true freedom for the entrepreneur lifestyle that nurtures children towards academic excellence and enables parents to flourish in their life pursuits. How children learn matters!

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  1. I must say that I very rarely listen to radio shows, but when I saw the topic, I just had to listen in! Having always been fascinated and inspired by the Native American way of life, I wholeheartedly agree that families can really benefit from learning more about it, especially those who are trying to go green and save our planet.

    This quote from the Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy, that the company Seventh Generation puts on all of it products, says a lot about Native American philosophy and how all living things truly are connected:

    “In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.”

    I hadn’t heard of this particular parenting book, but I’m definitely going to add it to my reading list. Thank you so much for sharing this interview and inspiring us today!

    • Hi Dawn, Thanks so much for listening to the show. I love the quote you have shared here. There is much wisdom to learn from the Native Americans about family living. Be sure and read the book “Keepers of the Children.” I think you will find it very inspiring. Peace to you and yours, Donna

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