MomMe Monday: You Can Cry If You Want To

You Can Cry If You Want To

By Donna Vail

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” -Albert Einstein

Moms cry. That is what we do occasionally and sometimes more often than not. Do you feel like crying but hold yourself back? Everyone gets so worried when mom cries. It can really upset “the apple cart.” After all we are the ones to hold everything up, be happy for everyone else, support everyone else, accept things when they aren’t going your way, clean up after everyone else, guide and counsel everyone else, step out of our comfort zone and follow our intuition to hold others up or carry those who need help. It is what we do as moms and no one can replace this position, it is just the way it is.

Moms are honored to hold this position and wouldn’t think of changing it any other way. We were wired to nurture the world and sometimes in doing so it takes rest, time to recharge or simply just the permission to cry and not have to be happy for anyone.

Think about crying much like rain. As the rain falls it produces a type of cleanse in the air, it nourishes the earth and everything turns green and a beautiful rainbow shines. When we feel a need to cry we need to allow it because it is a type of cleanse much the same as rain. When you carry so much you have to allow a letting out.

Sometimes a good cry is simply a sign you are growing and getting ready to bloom. Have you ever been in a place where you feel like you are holding so many things together and you still have to make an even greater difference in your life and the lives of others? We don’t always know what to do next or how we’re going to keep this up. If you feel like it, cry. I’m not saying to be a cry baby but when it shows up let it out. It’s okay because that is the rain and you are breaking through. After the cry keep your eyes open because you are going to get the sign you’ve been asking for. Someone will show up with the information you need, the next step will reveal itself and now that is when the flower blooms and the rainbow shines it’s color.

You don’t have to be happy for everyone else 24/7 and sometimes others need to grow through allowing you your time and space to grow and cry if you need to. What you must do is be authentically you. Let them see you working through it. Let them help you instead of you doing it all. Even if it makes them uncomfortable, cry anyway. You are being a natural woman and women need this release to cleanse and grow through the change as we evolve to our greatest works. As we live authentically we empower our families, friends and those we influence to live authentically.

I cried yesterday. I’ve been learning, growing and changing so much lately it seemed to all catch up to me and then I found myself not knowing how to take the next step, so I cried. It just flowed and I couldn’t help it. Did it make people uncomfortable? Sure it did but it was a call for them to grow through what they are witnessing. This morning I got the message I needed, it was delivered to me on a silver platter from someone I didn’t know, someone I had no knowledge of. I am very grateful the breakthrough and am standing in gratitude under the lovely rainbow that is shining over my head today.

Keep up your great work. It is found in each load of laundry, each meal cooked, every boo-boo healed, every idea and possibility explored, each clean up and every time you give your trusted advice. Keep living magnanimously and through it all you will find the glory to that which you are called to rise to.

I’m sending you big hugs, especially on those days when you need to cry. May you have many rainbows, each with their own pot of gold!

“Assuming too much responsibility for others deprives them of the lessons that arise from choices they have made.” -Dan Millman

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Think peace, live love.

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