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Saturday, March 5, 2011
12 Noon ET, 9 A.M. PST, 11 A.M. CST
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Naomi Aldort on Authentic Parenting

As a homeschooler, do you find your parenting skills tested leaving you feeling frustrated as if nothing you do is working? Is it possible to have well-behaved, educated children? Do you find yourself bargaining with your children to get them to do their work? Join Donna and her guest parenting expert, Naomi Aldort and learn how much freedom is okay without it becoming a license. When and how much do you push your children while still respecting the child’s timing? We’ll also cover hot topics such as sibling relating and how to handle the not so understanding relatives. Listen to Donna and Naomi and learn how you can be the authentic parent you long to be. To find out more about Naomi at Don’t miss this show!

Guest: Naomi Aldort

Naomi Aldort is the best selling author of, Raising Our Children,Raising Ourselves, Transforming Parent-Child Relationships from Reaction and Struggle, to Freedom Power and joy. She is an internationally published parenting advice columnist, author and public speaker and the most popular expert on the site. Parents from around the globe seek Aldort’s advice by phone. From infants and toddlers to children and teens, Aldort brings peace and clarity to difficult situations, as well as to ordinary parenting issues. Her guidance is not about gentle ways to control a child, but about how to have a well-behaved and educated child, without having to control. It is about a way of being and of understanding children so they can do their best, not because they fear us or seek our approval, but because they want to, of their own free will. Aldort’s SALVE formula has been praised as providing the best of The Work of Byron Katie and NVC combined, and more.

Host: Donna Vail

Donna Vail is the founder of An Inspired Education, a company devoted to homeschooling families, inspiring them to live extraordinary lives and empowering their children through self-education.

In 1995 when homeschooling was still unknown to the masses, Donna transitioned from her daily office commute, to work from home and homeschool her children. Donna homeschools her six children and helps parents around the world achieve success in their homeschools through her writing, speaking, workshops and private consults. Her passion for education excellence drives her to continually explore and develop new ways to support and nurture children.

Donna has developed an open-system using the highest quality proven resources that inspire natural curiosities and a love of learning in children, supporting harmonious family living. She creates true freedom for the entrepreneur lifestyle that nurtures children towards academic excellence and enables parents to flourish in their life pursuits. How children learn matters!

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  1. luckychrm says:

    Are you aware that Aldort has disclaimed her Ph.D.

    There is a discussion regarding this action at the Amazon page for the book Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves:

    • Thank you for sharing. I have read Naomi’s statement and this is something that many people have come against in distance learning. It is unfortunate because she did do the work however it does not in the slightest discount her wisdom, expertise and ability to counsel/coach families. Her studies and work reach well beyond this distance learning and I know for a fact that she is a constant student and genuine in her practices. She is one of the best parenting experts available today and I will continue to share her and her resources to the families I work with as well as work with Naomi any opportunity possible. Again, thanks for sharing. I appreciate it.

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