Are You Trying to Quit?

“Are You Trying to Quit or Reluctant to Get Started?”
By Donna Vail

“Never, never, never give up.” –Winston Churchill

It’s only natural to try and quit when you’re faced with resistance. Truthfully, only about 5% of people are trained on how to succeed and never quit. We are always looking for the path of least resistance and when our children are saying “no” or not cooperating, it can become stressful to the point we just want out. If we haven’t even started we are quitting on ourselves and our family by not starting.
The way to avoid this feeling of always wanting to give up is by stopping it in its tracks. If you know me by now, you know I don’t like to skirt around issues, no sweeping it under the rug and I like to get to the root of things. This is where I find lasting change.

Take a trip back in time, back to when you were going to school. Did you attend a public or private school? Chances are high that you attended on or the other or at times attended both and experienced twelve years of intense training on how to fail. I’m not talking about the academics but rather the delivery and the conditioned daily habits that were formed. Lessons in starting but never completing were the norm, focusing on the problem rather than the solution and how to be think divided rather than united. You can find more details on this topic, through the free report, “Were You Taught to Fail?” If you don’t have it, e-mail me so I can get it to you. It’s quite revealing and can help you discover why you do what you do and how not to instill these habits into your children. By going back in time we are able to see why we are always wrestling with trying to quit. Recognizing it, stopping it in its tracks and changing your mindset will enable you to think like the top 5% of successful mindsets.

Why did you decide to homeschool? What was the principle? Usually parents who have a firm principle as to why they’re homeschooling have less trouble with burnout or the need to quit. When my children were just babies I realized the difference in education methods and knew deep in my heart I wanted to give them the best I could find enabling them to have opportunity to do anything in life. Quite frankly, I felt limited in my choices. When I finished high school I knew I didn’t want my future children to have the same experience. The more I learned about how children learn and the history of the education system I knew I would homeschool them for life. Know your “why” and it will hold you up to your intentions when you face resistance or moments of change or growth through the process.

Do you have an understanding how real learning takes place? Our society has conditioned us to believe that learning happens in the classroom but that’s an artificial environment and you’re seeing that model crumble. There are real problems because children don’t really learn that way. Sure they can memorize a lot, seem knowledgeable and make the grade but we have to ask ourselves, are they really learning? And if they are, why are 50% of all students who enroll in college dropping out? Why are MBA’s having trouble working their jobs? Real learning takes place in the world, not by being chained to a desk but through academic study, field curriculum, apprenticeships, and hands-on work, exploration and experience, lots of experience. Once we see how our child’s whole day revolves around learning we are at ease knowing that he is right where he needs to be and is thriving, moving forward in the direction towards his passion and purpose. He is learning step-by-step.

Are you trying to do too much too fast? We want the best for our children and it’s easy to expect more than they are physically able to accomplish. Remember, being ready to go out in the world on takes years, days, hours, and moment by moment baby steps to be well prepared. What matters is that the child is getting an excellent academic foundation, the ability to self-teach, a well rounded exposure to experience and the confidence of your undying commitment to his highest good. Don’t worry that you might miss something or that you’re not covering it all because when your child knows how to self-teach they can learn anything anytime throughout their life. It’s called self-reliance and you and I didn’t learn that in “school”.  When a child learns self-reliance, he will learn how to thrive and live an independent successful life.

Do you need help? None of us can do it alone. There is an Irish proverb that says, “People live in each other’s shelter.”  We are wired and built to work together, to help one another and no one ever does it alone. I always seek the help of a mentor, read as many books as I can, listen to the wisdom of others who have done what I want to do and seek the help of my family, friends, team mates and mentors. Be sure you are well supported, take good care of yourself and treat yourself with loving kindness. You are doing a great work with homeschooling your children and as we grow through the whole process we get better and better. And so do our children. Now that’s making a real difference in the world, a real difference that counts.

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Christopher Columbus

Parents Inspired to Action:
Create quiet time for yourself to process everything in this edition of “Inspired”. It’s an important step in creating the flow for your every day that you desire. The time you dedicate to this will be returned tenfold as you evolve to a place of inspiration and peace of mind. Get out your journal and work out the following:

  • What were you taught and how is it affecting you today?
  • Know your “BIG WHY” you homeschool.
  • Understand how real learning takes place.
  • Take it one step at a time and the next step will reveal itself.
  • Honor yourself and your family by getting help. Whether it’s through a friend, spouse, reading a particular book, attending a workshop, or getting a mentor, getting the help you need makes all the difference.

Children Inspired to Action:
Give your children your full presence and attention. Listen to their concerns. When they’re refusing to do as you say, don’t take it personally. Instead look at the situation, consider their values and link what’s important for both of you to their values. Remember to see things from their perspective and give them the respect you desire them to give you. When you are respectful then you can be respected.

You might be wondering what kind of systems you can incorporate to get the results you’re looking for. What are the daily details to bring this altogether? Trial and error can take a lot of time. Successful people always incorporate the help of mentors and coaches so they don’t have to re-invent the wheel. If you would like a more systematic approach that includes all of the details to help you produce real change fast, I recommend joining the Mentor Mastery Inner Circle. It keeps you inspired and gives you the most important things for setting up simple, effective systems giving your children an education in excellence while creating family harmony. It’s easy. It’s affordable. Get started today at

Think peace, live love.

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