Parents, Look Within

“When your child presents you with a challenge, you have an opportunity to take a step toward your own self-realization, and by doing so regain your clarity about your child.”

Protect the child’s authenticity in his relationship with you so when he is considerate, it is because he cares and loves you. Acting out of a need to get your approval, rather than from an authentic desire, leaves a child feeling resentful and unsure of your love. These negative feelings will actually hinder the authentic development of his desire to care for others.

Stay present to the love that you have for your child. Instead of expecting respectful behavior, treat your child with respect; instead of expecting him to be able to wait and be considerate of your needs, be kind and generous with him. He will emulate these qualities over time because he loves you and he wants to belong. This does not mean that you can never ask him for anything, but stay within this likely capacity. You can ask him sometimes to be quiet, to wait, or to bring something, but respect his choice whether it is a “yes” or a “no.” He will eventually learn to honor people’s preferences as well as his own.

Naomi AldortRaising Our Children Raising Ourselves: Transforming parent-child relationships from reaction and struggle to freedom, power, and joy.

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