Lifestyle of True Freedom

The Lifestyle of True Freedom

By Donna Vail

“Most people confuse wishing and wanting with pursuing. You must place your trust in ACTION.” –Price Pritchett

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the lifestyle of true freedom and what that really is. As a homeschool parent and business woman, it’s easy to allow the business to take over life. And anyone who has been at this a while, it’s also very easy to get caught up in the plethora of homeschool options that you find yourself reinventing the wheel time and time again. My purpose and goal is to relieve you of those tendencies.

It’s no longer a farfetched idea for a parent to work a four hour a day in their business leaving time for family and to live life on their terms. Maybe you’re passionate about your business and can’t seem to put in less than a 12 of 14 hour day yet struggle with balancing time between work and family.

Here are a few thought provoking questions to get your creative juices flowing. What tasks can you do away from your desk? Listen to audios? Do some reading in your field of expertise. Write an article. Sketch out a new business idea. You would be surprised what shows up when you step away from the desk. If you’re like me, you can sit at your desk sometimes for hours feeling as you’re going nowhere, getting nothing done. Then suddenly, getting up to stretch, or take a brief walk the log jam breaks and inspiration comes flooding in. How many times have you been in the shower or driving when you have the light bulb turn on with a new idea or you solve a problem that had been plaguing you for weeks. Ureka! Remember to get out in nature to reconnect with inspiration the next time you’re feeling uninspired. Going for a walk, taking a drive, sitting on the beach or even going to the park with your children are all ways to de-stress and revive.

I’m always carrying something with me when I’m on the go: my journal, calendar, action journal and something to read: a book, article or my latest project. It works just like when you’re cooking and stirring the soup when suddenly the flow of ideas come, tasks you need to complete or you just remembered another item you need to add to the grocery list. Always have pen and paper!

Home education does not mean you are bound to serving only that role until your children grow up. You no longer have to give up on your dream and wait for years to go by before you’re “free.” With the seemingly infinite resources available on the Internet today, we are truly unlimited and creating the lifestyle we truly desire is only limited by what we believe is possible.

“Once a day, allow yourself to dream.” -Einstein

Let go of the thoughts that keep you from moving forward in the direction you desire. Many families are living their ideal life exactly the way they want all around the world. There are families who travel together working the family business and families who live on their very own island. These families can be, do or have anything at the drop of a hat because they are living the lifestyle of true freedom.

What will you do today to take steps toward your own true freedom?

Parents Inspired to Action:

Make time to be still dream and meditate on your vision. As inspiration flows to you write it down. Imagine what your ideal day should look like. Then expand that to a broader vision. Imagine your ideal life. Don’t hold back. As a mother with little ones it’s very common to feel as if you cannot devote any time to yourself as you have so much to do for your babies. Don’t for a second neglect the self. If you fail to honor yourself, you will be unable to truly give of yourself to those you love the most. What are you really passionate about: Painting, cooking, health, gardening, reading, writing, or traveling? The list of possibilities are endless. Don’t think about it just keep writing and journal every detail. Get into the feeling as if the ideal life is now. As Stephen Covey wrote in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, “Begin with the end in mind.” As you feel the ego showing up to say “no” let that go like a passing cloud. If you can dream it you can live it.

Now that you have a dream, what do you do? Take inspired action. Write down things you can do today to get you closer to your dream. Can you de-clutter and let go of what’s not serving you or doesn’t match you dream? What books can you read that will give you insight or skill to start moving forward? Who can you talk to who has experience with what you want to do? Be selective and don’t announce this to everyone, just one or two confidants who will truly hold you up in your intentions. As you take baby steps forward the next step will be revealed to you.

Children Inspired to Action:

Talk to your children about unlimited possibility. Become child-like with them and even dream of seemingly impossible or silly suggestions. Have them write, draw and tell about their dreams and desires. No matter how impossible or even dangerous it may sound, find ways to encourage them. Remember, children go through many phases starting out as firemen, cooks, gardeners, architects, lawyers and end up as writers, doctors or entrepreneurs. What they need, just like you, is support and the encouragement that anything is possible.

“Celebrate the moment as it turns into one more.” ~Neil Peart

“Love yourself enough to live your dream and in the process you will learn more than you ever imagined possible.”  ~Donna Vail

Love More, Live More and Learn More.

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