Do You Need Homeschool Help?

Do You Need Homeschool Help?
By Donna Vail
Only the educated are free. -Epictetus
As you begin a new homeschooling year being prepared is the first step to success. When life gets busy around the house between academics, work and everyday life I urge you to refer back to this orientation to reframe and remain in a positive perspective. As you grow and evolve in your pursuit of knowledge and success, applying what you learn, accepting mistakes and learning from them, you will be giving your children an advantage that only a small percentage receive. Let’s get started.
The three primary components that make up a successful homeschool focus on learning environment, schedule and academics. I’ve listed the most important aspects of each below.
Learning Environment:
1. A warm, safe, loving home where children can freely express themselves and explore their interests. Your child is learning at home and that is all it needs to be.
2. Don’t recreate public school at home. Provide a clean and well organized space where your child can sit everyday to do his work. This can be at a table or desk.
3. Create a quiet space conducive for learning. Turn off the phones, email, door bell and distracting noises.
4. Keep all books and learning materials together in one place for easy access. Teach your child how to take care of his books and materials responsibly and demonstrate this yourself with your own desk and books.
5. Create partnerships with spouse, older children, friends, mentors and experts who can provide support, advice and expertise to your growing and constantly learning students. Consider being mentored yourself so you can offer more. I always stay connected to a couple of mentors that help me grow and expand.
6. You are your child’s environment. All that you do and say, what you don’t do and don’t say affects your child. Become a conscious parent and you will create a rich lifelong relationship with your children.
1. The most highly effective and successful people all use a well organized schedule. It’s your most important tool for managing your time.
2. Allow flexibility in your schedule for talks with your children. Character issues and real-life discussions show up at the perfect time so don’t put it off, address the issue by walking beside your child as a partner in the most peaceful loving way possible.
3. Create time in your schedule for what I call free time. Encourage exploration of special interests, projects and experiments. Children are more content and well balanced when they have time to themselves.
4. Don’t go overboard with social events. Be selective on activities outside the home to participate in. Spreading yourself too thin is the last thing we want to model for our children. Focus on quality rather than quantity.
1. Keep the attention on core learning instead of piling on subject after subject. Anything over and above the core slows down the strengthening of their learning foundation. In AIE the focus is on Math, Reading, and Writing. Reading provides the opportunity to explore all subjects while writing opens the door to imagination. A firm foundation in core subjects is what the child will require in order to lead a successful life.
2. Don’t scrimp on books. Provide your child with the needed books and tools for his success.
3. Provide a record tracking system that your children will use to record their success in self-education. The AIE Self-Educators Study Book is a key tool used by children daily to manage their learning and track their progress.
3. Conduct regular mentor meetings and replace the grading system. Work is not done until it is completed correctly which ensures no holes in learning and the child can move into advanced studies with ease. No fails or grade levels repeated means the child is built up in self-confidence.
4. Believe it and you will see it. All children are genius and when we allow them to learn naturally, the space to grow and apply what they have learned empowers them to use that genius. Believe in them by not applying your own beliefs or limitations on them.
Homeschooling your own or even educating others will require many good parenting skills. By keeping your goals clear and having the commitment for the long-term you will find obstacles fewer and farther between. Follow inspiration and give yourself and your children the freedom to love more, live more and learn more. This is going to be the best year yet!
Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. -W. B. Yeats
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Donna Vail is the Go-To Homeschool Mom, Radio Host and education expert who serves families around the world with her system that inspires natural curiosities and a love of learning in children while supporting harmonious family living. She creates true freedom for the entrepreneur lifestyle that nurtures children towards academic excellence and enables parents to flourish in their life pursuits. How children learn matters! You can receive free weekly education and success mindset tips now at

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