Pajama Day

Vail kids in the snow.

Vail Texas Snow 2011

Do you ever take time to have a pajama day with your family? It’s a day set aside for the whole family to relax and enjoy each other without anything else pressing or the usual “have-to’s.” This is a time for you to enjoy each other, rest together and focus on the center of your family.  This is real  re-connection time. By sitting still, relaxing and making yourself available to your children you are building strong family ties. This is what Dr. Stephen Covey talks about, making deposits in the emotional bank accounts of your relationships.

We’ve been so busy already these first few days of the New Year we decided to take a whole day to do nothing but relax and enjoy each other. It turned out to be the perfect day because cold weather set in and we actually had snow here in Texas.

We started out the day very slowly, spending time with the early to rise children then we all got out our favorite books and just relaxed reading while having tea. All of us enjoy piles of books and even Zoe who has yet to learn reading carries her little books around saying how she is going to teach herself to read. Yay, another bookworm! After a delicious breakfast, my husband built a roaring fire and we enjoyed snuggling by the fire before everyone was ready to get out all the paints.

Julian, Jonathan and Aaron played games while Lauren, Joseph, Zoë and I painted. It was so much fun to paint together and we all learned something new about how to paint. Lauren and I picked the same picture to paint and shared our discoveries and painting tips all along the way. Here’s a picture of our paintings.

Paradise Island by Lauren Vail

Donna Vail's Painting-2011

Florida Parico by Donna Vail

After the kids were done painting they bundled up and headed outside to play in the snow and build a snow man. We only had 2 inches but here in Texas we get excited about any amount of snow. After warming back up we ended the day by cooking together and enjoying a Mexican dinner. Clean up was a breeze with many hands helping and then we were all back by the fire.

Snow in our woods.

I encourage you to check your calendar right now. When can you schedule a pajama day for your family? Think about what you want to do before the day arrives. Games, art, reading, puzzles, music, movies, or special meals? Just be sure to turn off whatever it is that you do on a day-to-day basis. Make it a real break from the normal routine. I didn’t sit at my desk or open my computer, even though I thought about it a couple of times and was tempted.

By taking this time off it gives you a much needed break and when you return you will be refreshed and empowered with inspiration. New ideas will come and you will have a fresh perspective.

Enjoy your children while they are young and at home. They grow so fast! Sorry, no pajama pictures. LOL

Mr. Snowman stood 5' tall in our backyard.

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