How Do We Determine Our School Schedule?

This Week’s Question Answered:
Q: I’ve heard of quite a few homeschool families who school year round. Will I be required to do this as well? How do we determine our school schedule?
A: The decision to school year round is a personal choice. I recommend becoming familiar with the laws of your state or province. As long as you’re in compliance with the minimum time requirements set forth by your local jurisdiction, then you’re free to add to it as you see fit.
There are families who school the same schedule as their local public school. Some families use a four days a week schedule, extending the amount of months in session. Other families school six days a week to stay in the habit of studies, while others homeschool year round, perhaps at a more relaxed rate.
Remember, you’re in control of your schedule so always choose what’s best for your family. Vacations and days off are all determined by you. When you do have days off the children still continue in their learning through curiosity. Remember, learning doesn’t stop because you took time out of your normal routine.
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