Power Up for Parents

As parents we face voluminous responsibilities in our every day care of family, relationships and work, possibly even our own business. With these constant demands it’s easy to be drained of your vital energy, leaving you wilted dreading each day.
What do you want to teach your children? As you rush about never really enjoying your day or ultimately your life they will not be able to either. Even if you want something different for them, whatever you are modeling is what they are learning. Take a moment to contemplate the vantage point of your children. What do they see you doing? What is their experience with you?
Burn out is not what we want to mirror for our children. Life is too precious. The children are growing fast. This moment with your spouse is now, not later when you’re feeling better. Life’s meant to be lived in joy and love not stress and chaos.
So what do you do to balance it all? Here’s 10 tips to empower you to live with joy and love every day.
1.Let go of the idea you’re carrying a big load. The more you overwhelm yourself with endless lists and “have-tos” the harder each moment becomes. Change your thoughts. Say out loud, “I can do it!” Many of us fail to step up to our true potential out of fear or a belief somehow that we don’t deserve to have a wonderful life. Keep your mind on thoughts of productivity and all that is positive. When you feel yourself slipping into the habit of complaining how much you have to do, pause, drop what you don’t need and just do it.
2.Do what you love. Reconnect with your talents and strengths. Make a list in your journal and choose one to start implementing in your life. Just do one thing towards it daily. Give yourself the permission to be flexible. Some days you might only be able to dedicate a few minutes, 10 or 15 or 30 minutes and on other days you will be able to allot several hours.
3.Make time for doing what you love. When you’re doing what you love, you’re feeding your soul and empowered to do more for others and be more fully present.
4.Keep a treasure box of nice notes. Keep this box in reach and visible so you can re-read them regularly, especially on those days when you feel down or listless. You can put anything in your box that makes you feel good: old pictures of good times, letters from that special someone. Perhaps you were recognized for some special achievement.  It’s all about feeling good and reminding yourself, “you’ve come a long way baby!”
5.Create a “My Vision” board or notebook. Be clear on your purpose and the life you envision. Include pictures of you and the service or message you want to share with the world. Include pictures of your family, supportive friends and pictures that connect you today with how you want to carry out your purpose.
6.Make time to reflect. On a regular basis re-read your journal. As you do you will realize how much you’ve grown and changed since you began. Count your blessings and trust that more abundance is on the way. Get into the flow.
7.Have fun! All work and no play make mommy and daddy very dull parents. Let go of the need to get it all done. Go on a date with your significant other, see a movie, go to the spa, dance, roll around in the grass with the kids, swing or go down the slide, play a game, go out in nature and do things that make you feel alive.
8.Practice gratitude. Repeat the words “thank you” often, not only to others but to yourself as well. Choose to feel good and all the stress and anxiety melts away.
9.Get help. I’ve mentioned this plenty of times before. You can’t do it all yourself, no one does. The most successful people in the world are supported by a team of people who make it possible for them to do what they do. Who can be part of your success team?
10.Clean up. Relieve yourself of unnecessary clutter and things that don’t serve you. Create a well-organized and inspiring space. Keep your drawers neat and organized as well. Have a special place for your keepsakes and treasures. And when you’re shopping, ask yourself “Do I really need this?” If you decide it’s something you really want, what can you get rid of to make room for the new. Your environment is an important part of your well-being, keep it clean.
Do this for yourself, do it for your children. Be open and honest with your children explaining that you are trying to turn over a new leaf and want to create more time as a family and a lifestyle that supports total well-being. Read over the list with your children and pick something you can do together. The children can do it in their own small way that reaps big results. My children laugh at some of the things I do but then suddenly they join in. They discover that it’s fun to get organized, create a vision boards and work as a team. So go have fun and power up!

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