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Education comes from within; you get it by struggle and effort and thought.” –Napoleon Hill
Would you like to know how to create a superior education for your children? Are you ready to begin living a lifestyle of true freedom? Are you ready to experience family harmony?
Throughout the course of my life I have had the privilege to work with, study and meet men and women who have a strong desire to improve their lives and the lives of others creating a better world. They use specific knowledge and practice habits that create great success and positive change. If you desire to give your children an education of excellence and preparedness for what their future holds as well as empower yourself to greater success while experiencing family harmony then please read on very carefully.
There was a time in my life, not so very long ago when I woke up and finally realized why my life wasn’t working. I was caught up in the cycle of living the same day over again just like in the Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day. I was repeating my past and moving forward ever so slowly in growth and knowledge. The conditioning of my youth get ready for school, doing the “assignments,” and waiting for instructions on what to do next. This pattern is a way of life so common for children in enrolled in mass education and after twelve years of conditioning the damage is done and carries over into adulthood also known as the rat race.
The familiar routine day in and day out can provide a feeling of safety to some but it also produces a false sense of security. Picture this:  my husband is off to work, my children are off to school, and I can get “my” things done while everyone is away eventually leads to boredom. When you’re separated from those you love for extended periods – years, we can’t feel truly alive. We are left bored, fulfilling selfish needs, restless and eventually discontent. The life we dreamed of is quickly passing us by while we are entranced in this same routine. Remember, it’s in the service of others (our family), that life serves us.
As a mother and father it’s time to wake-up from the narcotic effects of our upbringing and begin living an extraordinary life. You must do this so your children don’t fall into the perpetual trance. I know deep down inside your heart you desire to experience depths of amazing love and harmony with your family.
Here are 6 steps you can begin taking in your everyday to begin waking up to family harmony and whole life success. Please do not discount any one of these steps because even though they may seem simple, the results they carry are extraordinary.
  • 1.     Treat your home like the empire that it is. This is where your family gathers and builds its sustainability. Keep it clean and organized. Create systems for everything, efficiency rather than deficiency will be the norm. A family can be as organized and efficient as any well run business and equally successful. Since you’ll be home much of the time design your family system for the highest good of every member. Successfully implemented systems can produce the help equivalent of a hired personal assistant.
  • 2.     Take care of yourself so they will learn how to do the same. When you get good rest, respect yourself with creative time, take time to read and write, drink plenty of good clean water and eat healthy nutritious meals your children can’t help but join in. Be sure the habits of self-care are those you want your children to live as well. If you’re skimping on sleep then chances are your children are learning how to be low energy, grumpy and whine. It all begins with what we model. Give yourself time and space to really take good care of yourself so you can enjoy a happy life together.
  • 3.     Implement a well-organized plan your homeschool; a plan that not only delivers academic excellence, but also supports your children in the building of the character traits that build a successful life. The habit of attention will insure academics are done in a timely manner now. Later in life important responsibilities will not be neglected or procrastinated. By modeling self-discipline in yourself, you will raise children who are self reliant and accountable for themselves. They will not wait for others to tell them what to do. All habits formed now create the manner in which they will conduct their personal and professional lives and manage their family in the future. A well-organized homeschool will be the fuel needed to power itself without you having to drag your kids kicking and screaming through childhood.
  • 4.     Create a balanced flow for a lifestyle of learning. Children should not have to sit through long drawn out hours of “classes”. Younger children can usually only handle an hour and slowly build up to more over the years eventually to 5-6 hours a day for the oldest student. The most effective and natural learning takes place as a lifestyle. A family can grow very healthy and wise to balance head (academics and thoughts), heart (moral, pleasure, relational and spiritual), and hand (chores, work, exercise, physical exertion and entrepreneurial pursuits.)
  • 5.     Provide, guide and step aside. Since you and your family are doing all of this living and learning together the very first ingredient necessary is unconditional love. You will be walking beside them creating a partnership rather than ruling over them. Consider your children as people and forget their age for a moment. They’re very wise and have much to share with you. They may even have lessons to teach you. All they lack is experience and vocabulary. Trust and respect your children. Treat them the way you want to be treated. You will develop the most meaningful and fulfilling relationships that will last a lifetime.
  • 6.     Get help. No one does anything alone. We were created to love each other. By doing so we help and support each other. Make sure you have quality friends and surround yourself with likeminded individuals who fully support you in your ideals and lifestyle. Surround yourself with experts and mentors you can call on when you have a question or need guidance to propel you to the next level. The most successful people; athletes, students, business leaders and professionals all keep a mentor and coach. How much greater is the work you’re doing in your home, creating the next generation.  Having a mentor has made all the difference in my life, saving me countless hours and avoiding numerous mistakes, enabling me to grow and make a difference in the lives of my family and families around the world. As your children grow you will mentor them and as they move into adulthood encourage them to continue on with mentors.

If you will take this list, highlight it, make notes of ways you are inspired to implement these steps, create an action plan and start living it in your every day, you will transform everyday ordinary to everyday extraordinary.
If you would like help creating or implementing systems that work for you, send me an email donna@aninspirededucation.com I’d be happy to work with you designing and implementing systems that create a lighter load and allow you to get your work done and have plenty of time to play. Breathe easy, it’s all part of the plan.
“Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you ready or not, to put this plan into action.” –Napoleon Hill

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