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When Richard Branson was asked by Tim Ferris what was his number one way to increase productivity, without hesitation he said, “Workout.” By working out you can increase your productivity by 3-4 hours. And this works! I have experienced the very same thing.

When we are caught in the loop of trying to squeeze in this and that we fool ourselves into believing that working out is just another expendable task on the check list. It’s often times the first thing to go as we opt to fill our time with “trying to get more done” either at our desk or around the house. This is actually the worse choice that can be made. It can only get you more behind and your still left with low to no energy.

Do yourself a favor and get a regimen started that can truly support you and increase your productivity. In the process you will also benefit greatly in other ways from your workout. Here’s some suggestions you can implement immediately:

1. Look at photos of yourself. I mean really look at them. Have you gained extra pounds? Do you have the tired look? Would you like to return to your “normal” weight and size? Some of the most successful people keep a before and after photo of themselves in front daily to remind themselves why they are doing the regimen. At all times remain conscious and clear so you can stay true to yourself and be successful with your goals.

2. Choose a method of workout that best suits your lifestyle. Do you need to go to the gym? Will you go to the gym? If you have little ones at home and can’t seem to get out then choose something you can do at home. I like to use DVD’s to support my workout. Typically I like to do my workout early in the morning to get my day started. Here’s my top three picks:
Jorge Cruise: The 12 Second Sequence: Get Fit in 20 Minutes Twice a Week! This is a great book to use at home giving you real results, fast. 
Rodney Yee:A.M. Yoga for Your Week The yoga routines on this DVD are very doable and within 20 minutes you can have a fresh and healthy start on your day. You can even do this one with your children.
Tracy Anderson: The Tracy Anderson Method Mat Workout DVD Talk about real results! If you want to sculpt your body in a feminine way this is the workout for you. What I like about Tracy is that she is a mom too and knows how hard it can be to get back to the body you want after having babies. Doing Tracy’s Mat workout you can see real results quickly.

Don’t forget to add walking to your regimen. Walking for 30-minutes in the morning and 30-minutes in the evening will fully support your body and it’s normal functions. It will catapult your wellness and energy when done faithfully. This gets you out into the fresh air and is key to waking up feeling refreshed and ready for the new day. 

3. Track your progress. It’s easy to get discouraged if you don’t “see” real results real fast. Getting on the scales daily will not give you the answers you are looking for. Instead take notice of how your clothes fit. Which outfits are tight on you that suddenly become loose. You know when you feel bloated and heavy. Make note of it. Keep a Food-Mood Journal. Notice the common connections of foods eaten and moods experienced. Keeping this journal can be as simple as taking a photo with the camera on your phone of your food each time you sit down to eat. Taking a pause long enough to take a picture and then really noticing what you are eating can help you make more conscious decisions. In addition to the photos keep a log by making note of what you are eating throughout each day.

My favorite wellness coach, Verne Varona, has been key to keeping me healthy and on track. The accountability of a coach is priceless. If you want real results and full support to maintain, recover or revitalize your health then Verne is the person for you. Be sure to visit his site at He has transformed me (plus countless others) and continues to guide me to grow younger and live longer.

As the year is quickly coming to an end you have time to get your plan in place and get it going into the New Year building a better you for 2011. Not only will working out improve your health and fitness level but you will also increase productivity and be able to think clearer. Good luck with your plan and be sure to come back and tell us about your plan and how it’s working out! Here’s to a New Year and a New You!! Be inspired to Love More, Live More and Learn More.


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