My Divine Spiral Notebook

How I get it all done with the help of my Manager, My Senior Partner.

“ACTION is the foundational key to all success.” -Picasso

Do you ever feel like your dreams are too big to accomplish or you have so many projects that you feel like you just can’t ever get it all done? The first step to moving in the direction of those dreams is to quit telling yourself that you can’t ever get it all done. We can be our own greatest block simply by resisting our own possibilities to greatness.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Your dreams, your passions, your talents are all the sign posts that lead you and call you to your purpose in life, what you were born to do.

Once a week, usually on Mondays, I review what I have accomplished the past week towards the advancement of my dreams. Then I think on what it is that I should be doing this next week. I simply take a page in my spiral notebook, place the date on the left and begin listing the items that I believe I need to do for the week. Some items have bulleted details of what that task might include like making phone calls to certain people, research I need to do or notes I want to remember when I am working on that item. Now don’t make this complicated, it is simply a to do list. Be sure to be radically honest with yourself and don’t overload yourself with undue busyness or a list that is not realistic. For goodness sake, be kind to yourself. Make it possible for yourself to succeed, just like any good parent would do for their child.

All week you will keep this spiral at your side or in a place where you can reference it frequently throughout your day and while you work on it. Re-reading it several times a day. Checking off items done.

On the top right of my page I have written a prayer to my Senior Partner, my Ultimate Manager. “Dear Senior Partner, Please assist with flowing inspiration, expansion of time and take care of all that can be handled on your end. With an abundance of gratitude, me.”

Okay, don’t giggle too loudly because no matter how simplistic this may seem it really moves mountains. “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move.” -Matt 17:20 When you believe it you will see it.

Last week I was able to do some of the things on my list but here’s what my Senior Partner brought to me: people who are interested in my forthcoming eBook, An Inspired Education: The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Success, a person who just showed up to share their testimonial after applying my teachings with success, a person who just brought up to me answers to questions I had on my list ‘to research’ , an extremely talented person to do some design work for my project and my Senior Partner showed me something on my list that I wasn’t even supposed to be doing now but at a later date.

There is one thing on my list that I did not get to do yet but it is only Sunday and I might do it later or tomorrow before I begin my new list for the week. Or it may just show up!! You never know. :)

So you see, even though I myself was not physically able to take care of everything on my list my Senior Partner provided the means and in a sense expanded time for me. I never felt stressed or overworked/overwhelmed. I just kept moving forward. Never discount the power of your Senior Partner and especially never forget to allow the blessing of such a great synchronistic Partnership.

I challenge you to try this. Be open to changes or outcomes that may be different than you envisioned. Usually it turns out greater than you hoped! :)

Remember to let me know how this works for you and be sure to send me any questions you may have. Together Everyone Achieves Miracles, we are a team!

Love and peace to you,

Realize Your Abundance

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