Home Schooling Is Not Only Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

When I first began Home Schooling I had in my mind a plan to have my children at home with me while I taught them from a chalk board as they sat at their desks and did their work. I thought I had to set up the “school room” and be the teacher. Little did I know that I could lose the chalkboard and desks creating a much more conducive environment to greater learning potential. At that time I had no idea the growth that would take place within me, not only academically but also spiritually affecting all facets of my life, for my greatest good, and even greater good for my children and their success.

In my new upcoming book, An Inspired Education, I will elaborate on how to Home School easy and relaxed. At the same time it will bring out the highest potential of your child as well as yourself. For today, I am going to share with you what I am working on to show my children that the pursuit of dreams is a worthy and noble cause. And that the best thing you can do for your child is live your dreams, your purpose to your greatest ability.

Home Schooling is for LIFE. It encompasses ALL subjects. It is a matter of following your passions, your purpose in life so that you enable your children and those involved in your life to do the same. It means being your true self at all times. While you are living your purpose, you will be creating your home into the “nursery of the nation, ultimately the nursery of the world.” Remember, our children are the next generation. You can begin changing the world in massively significant ways simply from your kitchen table, from the comfort of your own home. If everyone realized the power they hold within their own home, they could begin creating the ideal environment for nurturing children, which will in turn nurture the nurturers and it will reverberate through the community, the city, the state, the nation, and on into the world. “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” –Gandhi

And what a life it is…

Back in February, my husband and I enrolled in the eBook Mastermind class offered by Bill Hibbler, coauthor of the book Meet and Grow Rich with Joe Vitale. Our intentions were to write an eBook and launch our Internet business. What we have gained from the class has been so much greater than what we ever expected or even paid. This past Thursday, May 24th was very exciting when we learned that we were the subject on Bill’s blog. Please go see our picture and read the story: http://www.ecommerceconfidential.com/Blog/?p=87

So if you have ever remotely considered pursuing publishing your own e-Book or starting your own Internet business, then what you need is simply: for someone to specifically help you get your product done, get it selling in an organized, professional, stress-free way. Bill has the system that will have you up and selling within a very short time. Here’s the link to his current class that will begin June 11th. Go check it out and be sure to let me know how your e-Book/Internet business is growing and flourishing. J
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Be the change!
We are all rooting for you!!

Love and peace to all,


PS. And what does taking an e-Book Mastermind Class do for my children? Well, I have seen them grow and change significantly since I started. They have become even more responsible with doing their academic work. Each and every one of them in some sort of way has taken on more responsibility in helping with the management of the household. They have offered help in many ways and at many times. They have been supportive and share in our excitement. They have increasingly embraced and pursued their own interests. In fact, my 11 year old son has actually written his first e-Book, Aaron’s Fun Book: 10 Great Projects To Do and Make, which will be available online soon. They continue to watch me “work through” my project which is really developing my character, as well as their own.

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