Magnanimous Living

I have a sign in my kitchen that says: Housework Done Properly Can Kill You. It is a constant reminder to me that the dust will still be there tomorrow but my little ones grow so fast, they change quickly. I must remain focused and balanced, lots of high thinking and plenty of lowly living. Keep it clean but in an easy relaxed manner. I used to be a real clean freak, then my children taught me balanced living and the difference between clean and sterile. :)

We can let it consume us and the list goes on of things to do: windows to wash, floors to mop, rooms to dust, meals to prepare, kitchen to clean, laundry to wash, lawns to mow, plants to tend….can we ever get it all clean and perfectly presentable? We can also choose to face it in an easy, relaxed manner and accept that it is just part of our magnanimous living, it is for the highest good of all. Accept it for what it is, stop the struggle and seek to learn the lesson that is enfolded within the task at hand.

When I read the book: Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley, I was able to streamline my responsibilities. I incorporated the children into helping with the household services, which are simply chores but we didn’t want it to be something dreaded. What we are really doing by taking care of this “lowly living” is a service to all members of the household. When several people are living in one dwelling it takes all of us to help in some way or another to keep things running just for the functionality of everyday living, the necessities.

Remember, many hands make work light. In my new book, An Inspired Education, (to be released later this year) I will give complete detail as to how we do this in our home and how you can incorporate these ideas in your home. There will be many more resources in my book, here’s one more resource for training yourself as well as your children how to clean quickly and efficiently: Jeff Campbell’s book, Speed Cleaning. You say, but I already know how to clean. Well I did too but Jeff really streamlines it and gets to the nitty gritty. And if you want your children’s help, it is easy and thorough instruction for them.

At first you may need to walk beside your children as they learn but soon you will see them proud of their work, managing their own tasks and telling you about the “higher thinking” they did while they cleaned. It will be a natural development of their character.

If you can get the help, whether it be hired help or if you have children, I say get it. Dad and Mom have a lot of things they must do in order to just keep the business of the family empire going like paying the bills, maintaining the house, maintaining the vehicles, preparing regular and balanced meals, providing income with a job or owning a business, activities in community, educating and improving one self, you know…

When we all work together we form a T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves Miracles. We get the work done faster and then we can all play and have fun together faster.

Life is messy so just go live it to the fullest. Love every opportunity you are presented. To work is to pray.

With love and peace,

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