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One of the most important things you can do in your life is to know yourself, be yourself and love yourself. To the extent you carry this will be the depth of your life. I can no longer separate learning, living and loving; it’s all interwoven together so tightly, when you focus on one area you can’t help but grow in another area.

Love Yourself includes relationships, mindset, parenting and my premium program More for Mom.

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Let True Freedom Ring

Today we celebrate the 4th of July in the States. While we will have our cookouts, swimming, and fun with family and friends, it’s also important to be ever mindful about our freedom and the work each one of us has to do on a daily basis to maintain it. It’s not only about what happens with the people who serve the country in the military but what each one of us does every day in the comfort of our homes as we work, raise our families and move throughout the day.

We must at all times stay inspired to love more, live more and learn more. The relationships that we build and the unconditional love we share (or don’t share) in our home doesn’t stop there. It reverberates out into the world now and through the generations. Love is the most important ingredient that can make the difference in what is lived and learned.

Next, it takes a lot of living by being conscious with all that we do, always improving ourselves and seeking to experience more that expands our love and understanding. And it is when you love more and live more that you will learn more. Most importantly but not only reading, also listening to audios, letting go of what no longer serves you, aligning with your highest values and learning from others as well as your experiences. This is living inspired. This is living true freedom.

What will you do today to create the lifestyle of true freedom you desire? While you are having fun and spending time with your loved ones today think about this. Get your plan in motion.

Creating the lifestyle of true freedom for you and your family will be one of the most important things you ever do in life. Don’t let it pass you by. Today as well as every day counts. What we do in our home reverberates out into the community, the state, the country and ultimately the world. Take care of you and your family, and in doing so you are taking care of the world. Let freedom ring around the world.

What does the lifestyle of true freedom look like to you? Please share your thoughts on this by leaving a comment below.

If you’re serious and want guidance and coaching through the process, getting you there faster, inbox me at donna at aninspirededucation.com. None of us do it alone. Get started today.

Stay inspired to love more, live more and learn more!

Peace and love,


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About Donna Vail

Donna Vail, Education and Parenting Specialist, is founder of An Inspired Education and the Mentor Mastery Inner Circle, the proven step-by-step program dedicated to maximizing the success in the human potential through homeschooling and life mastery for the whole family. She creates educational programs for homeschool children, “after-school” study programs for public schooled children and personal development for moms, while homeschooling her five children while the oldest is in college. Get free tips and resources from Donna Vail at: www.donnavailinternational.com

HOW to Give Your Child the Leading Edge

Education is quickly becoming a competitive field. There is so much information as well as expensive programs available to us more than any other time in history. As parents it’s our responsibility to be sure what we choose for our children is clear and focused on the family as a whole as well as address individual needs of each child.


I always begin with identifying each child’s highest values. Once you know their values, the strengths and areas for improvement can be honed in on allowing you to direct the focus of their training on a direction aligned with their highest values. This will give them the leading edge needed to move forward in our quickly evolving society.


In my previous article What Will Give Your Child The Leading Edge, I covered the discovery process with the admissions board at Texas A&M University dealing with the “what”. In this week’s article I delve into the “how”. The following topics when mastered will give your child the leading edge.


As you’re reading the “how,” see it as something you experience in your everyday living through your parent partnership loving your children unconditionally. I don’t want you to go out and buy a stack of curriculum, hand out worksheets or create a formal class. All that is needed is for your family to love more, live more and learn more through shared experiences.


How to cover the following 7 topics in your homeschool and everyday living to give your child the leading edge:


  • Ethical reasoning

Ethics is something you will be living and your child will learn in the way that you live. This is all about the Golden Rule: Do to others what you would have them do to you. On the other hand ethical reasoning is a way of thinking about issues and the implications what’s involved. This is lived out day in and day out as you go through life facing real life situations. A homeschool is a perfect place for this to cultivate because families are involved in their world and have daily experiences to use ethical reasoning.  Whether it’s relating to a sibling, taking care of a pet, or reading the classics and discussing how the characters worked through ethical reasoning, it all comes down to living more life to all and less to none.


  • Critical thinking

Every day you can leverage your experiences to teach critical thinking. As you’re guiding your children simultaneously you increase in your critical thinking skills. It’s for the whole family! Keep the conversations going by asking questions out of genuine curiosity. Lectures should be no more than 30 seconds to inspire questions. This means don’t be afraid of constructive controversy. Let them hash out controversial topics, but make sure it’s respectful for all. Don’t feel like you have to always hold the reins. As you let go and let the children lead thy will step up.



Becoming an effective communicator can result in happier, more successful people with greater earning potential. Early skills can be learned as easy as playing games like telephone when children are young then working up to having your child practice how to be responsible with answering the real phone and taking messages. Have your child navigate you home from the store or on a vacation. Have a round table game at dinner and let each person take a turn talking for one minute about their favorite topic without saying “um”, “er”, “uh”, “like”, or “ya’ know.” Other ways include creating presentations within the family as well as larger groups, finishing a story, or even doing an impromptu speech for 2 minutes.


That’s three of the seven topics. I will continue with the next four in the next blog post including compassion, empathy, leadership, and maturity. When you’re fully present with your children, engaged and practice the above suggestions, children will naturally progress to greater levels of ethical reasoning, critical thinking and communication. Remember, actions speak louder than words so model what you want to see in your children.


Parents Inspired Action:

After reading this article, checking in on your child’s highest values and keeping in mind their strengths; make a short checklist of items you would like to begin implementing in your every day to bring in the ethical reasoning, critical thinking and communication skills.


What are your favorite ways to nurture your children in ethical resonating, critical thinking and communication skills? Please share your thoughts on this by leaving a comment below.


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About Donna Vail

Donna Vail, Education and Parenting Specialist, is founder of An Inspired Education and the Mentor Mastery Inner Circle, the proven step-by-step program dedicated to maximizing the success in the human potential through homeschooling and life mastery for the whole family. She creates educational programs for homeschool children, “after-school” study programs for public schooled children and personal development for moms, while homeschooling her five children. Get free tips and resources from Donna Vail at: www.donnavailinternational.com

What Will Give Your Child the Leading Edge?

399825_505369622862489_1783844198_nDo ever wonder if what you’re doing in your homeschool has what it takes to help your children get into a top notch college? Even if you’re not interested in college or maybe your kids are young, you still want to make sure they have a well rounded education.

Recently I took a trip to College Station, Texas where my daughter’s Vet Science 4-H Club attended the Texas A&M University’s 20th Annual Vet School Open House as my daughter is working through the five year 4H Vet Science program sponsored by Texas A&M.

There were so many things to do including tour the small animal clinic, tour the large animal clinic, hands on animal procedures including ultra sounds, radiology, pathology, fistulated cow, and so much more. There were so many things we’ll have to go back next year to see what we missed. It was easy to see why Texas A&M is the country’s top veterinarian school.

Whether your children are interested in vet science or any other higher learning, what I’m about to share with you will benefit all families. And I’ll wrap up this article with Inspired Actions you can implement in your homeschool.

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Daily Practices for Moms to Generate More Energy

Moms are busy people. That goes without saying and to accomplish all that you need to do in a day it’s important that you have a sustainable and steady flow of energy. So how is your energy level?

On a scale of 1-10, what is your current energy level? How has your physiology been lately? How do you feel? Have you had the energy levels to significantly move you forward in the direction you want to go?

Most people operate at about a 5, but you deserve to be at an 8 or 9. Your spouse and children deserve you to be at an 8 or 9 or higher. If you’re lacking sustained energy, then it’s time to generate the energy you need, for fulfilling your purpose and I’m not talking about caffeine boosts or power drinks.

Generating good energy should be one of your top goals. Having sufficient energy to get through your day, accomplishing your goals and having enough left over to also enjoy your family is paramount to living a balanced life. Now let’s explore how to generate a healthy energized body.

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Instead of Goals, Make a Commitment

This morning as I read my perpetual daily calendar on living inspired it read:

“Instead of goals, make the commitment to live joyfully in the moment. Stop dreaming about the future and get back to the only thing you have now. Decide to live fully in the present.”

This is a bit challenging for me because I’m a visionary, a dreamer and am often looking to the future. I’m a mom, always looking ahead for my children and staying a step ahead in my day.

I have my plan and my goals for the next six months on my calendar already. But does this keep me from living in the present? It could if that’s all I focus on and am living in this moment for some future fulfillment, not fully present in the now. It could if I was single minded in getting to the goal no matter what, pressing my way through life to get to my goal with disregard for others as well as how I look at those unexpected turns in the road that show up to benefit me. What I have learned by studying the highly successful as well as spiritual practices of being present, is how to come to a nice balance between the two and be committed.

I took time to work on my goals and think about what I will have wanted to have accomplished this year because my time to make a difference is finite even though I know that I’m always right on time and in everything I do I am growing and making a difference. Trust me, this is not about being double minded but rather on purpose and inspired. So I have gone through my process of determining my highest values, linking all that I do to my life purpose and setting up a rhythm that honors me fulfilling my life purpose while living present today, in this moment.

Here are a few tips to help you find a balance between being present and accomplishing your intentions:

  • Continually use your top five highest values as a guide in all that you do as you fulfill your life purpose.
  • Align all that you do with your top five highest values to be more in the flow and dissolve stress, seeing fully how it’s all contributing to your life purpose.
  • If you have a goal you intend to reach align it with your highest values and make a commitment to infuse it in your everyday living.
  • Only keep one to three goals at a time so you can focus and accomplish them while living inspired rather than pressed and always running at break neck speed.
  • Create a family rhythm instead of a strict schedule, allowing for inspiration to flow and space for being present in the moment.
  • Set up what you need to do to accomplish in your goals as every day habits or way of living rather than checklists and jobs to do.
  • Slow down to the speed of life so you can hear the whispers of inspiration guiding you and then take inspired action.
  • Take time to be the observer as you go through your day and redirect yourself when you notice you’re drifting away from the present moment.
  • Understand that your commitment is being fulfilled even when you’re playing, resting, eating, cooking, sleeping and being with the ones you love.  You’ll return to your great work inspired, energized and with new ideas.


I could never ask anyone not to dream for this is what carries us forward into our greatness and for the dreamer it’s where you go to create. Really, it’s all about having a careful balance so you can aspire to your dreams while being fully present in the now. It’s what our humanness is all about. Be extremely grateful for everyone in your presence, what you have now and all that is showing up for you, no matter how big or how small. It all counts and is an overflow of love for your highest good.

I am grateful for you taking this moment here with me. May you find that peaceful place where love can flow and everyone can grow.

Let’s support each other! It’s time for you to set yourself up for living in the present moment. What’s your favorite way to bring presence into your day?

Please share by leaving a comment below on my blog. Sometimes we have days when we just need to know we’re supported and not hanging out on a limb.

Thank you for sharing this path and leaving your comments  to engage and share the inspiration.

Peace and love,


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About Donna Vail

Donna Vail, Education and Parenting Specialist, is founder of An Inspired Education and the Mentor Mastery Inner Circle, the proven step-by-step program dedicated to maximizing the success in the human potential through homeschooling and life mastery for the whole family. She creates educational programs for homeschool children, “after-school” study programs for public schooled children and personal development for moms, while homeschooling her five children. Get free tips and resources from Donna Vail at: www.donnavailinternational.com


How to Create Specific Education Goals

Creating educational goals is a crucial step needed for establishing what will be learned. By organizing these goals, it allows for better management, making it possible for you to know when and if goals are being met. With specific education goals in place you don’t have to worry whether or not you’re covering it all. You will have a clear vision of what being accomplished versus your targeted goals.

Mastering this skill is not only important for the management of your academic plan, but you are also able to include practices and explorations that apply to future academics and project management.

Younger children will need a more simplified approach that introduces them to the process of creating goals, taking action, meeting goals and adjusting for greater success. From early childhood, children must learn that it’s ok to fail because that is an important component of success. “If you at first you don’t succeed, try try again.” Older children will be able to accomplish this on their own with mentor accountability once you’ve walked them through the process.

Here’s the steps to take when creating specific education goals:

Step 1: Values Determination                                                                 

Everything is meaningless unless it’s linked to your highest values. If you struggle with a particular task or goal it’s not linked to your highest values. This is the foundation from where you make your decisions, choices, goals and plans. Determine highest values for each family member and refer to them on a daily basis. Everything that you do should be filtered through your highest values.

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Benefits of Personal Development for Moms

FamilySpring2001Do you have your personal development plan in place? Are you continuing to learn and grow in the areas of your life you need guidance ? As moms we’re continually growing and changing as we raise our children, take care of our families and work. It doesn’t matter whether your work is outside of the home, you work from home or home is your focus, I’ve done all of these scenarios and they all entail great amounts of work and responsibility.

Are you ready for the challenges that show up? Years ago I went with the flow, buried so deeply in the necessities of every day there wasn’t much time for planning ahead. It quickly caught up to me in the form of chaos, results of bad decisions and not facing problems as they arose. As I had more children I took more time for my own study and personal development. Through study, hard work and trial and error I learned how to apply the lessons from the most successful to my mothering, my relationships, household and work. (Picture from Spring 2001, little did we know two more children were still to be born.)

My first child was born in 1990 and throughout the years I was always pregnant, nursing a little one and usually potty training another, with a total of six children, until my last child was born in 2007. Because I continually worked on my own personal development, as I had more children and the work load increased I found myself:

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Part Two: 4 Steps to Academic Achievement Series

This is part two of a four part series focusing on academic achievement in your core learning. Be sure you’ve read part one where I discussed the first two steps to academic achievement. Those included: set clean and specific goals and write five rules you set for yourself that you need to accomplish to feel successful. Have you done those two steps yet? These are important steps to take to create the academic achievement goals you have in your homeschool.

It’s one thing to know where you want to go and another thing to achieve the steps it takes to arrive. As I shared in part one, successful people have the time they need because they implement strategies. They work hard and play hard, get their work done so they can feel good about going and having fun as well as be with those they love.

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Your Learning and Growth

We teach our children to study and learn because we know that in order to be well educated and succeed you must continually learn and grow. This doesn’t stop when you become a mom, in fact the need to study suddenly increases in speed and necessity. If we’re in a profession we need to continue our learning to remain expertise, as a parent it’s important we learn how to better relate and communicate and as a person it’s important to become a better leader of ourselves with personal development.

We have a lot of information available to us, at our very fingertips through the Internet, downloadable books that are delivered in an instant as well as tele-seminars and webinars.  I am a constant student so I love this availability which has allowed me over the years to attend a lot of seminars from the comfort of my home in addition to trainings I traveled to. After going to a lot of trainings and increasing my learning I keep specific practices in place to make sure I benefit from the training, soak in the information and use it to the point of results.

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Here are the three ways you can get the most out of what you’re learning no matter your field of interest.

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